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I want to pay for my child, but CSA makes it hard to get by

Ive aways payed the csa never falled behind in paymenys . But what i do find very hard is that i relay on the overtime i do at work . Which pays the extra that i need but then each year the csa aways take extra off this and finding it hard each time . Single person on me own have me morage to pay try and have a good relatioship with my child . But it like this year they put the cost up again, when you try and come to arrangement with my childs mother so its fair on both partys and the only responce you get . I qoute ( theres a reason i go throught the csa , if you have a problem see them about it ) personal i dont have a problem paying the cost to help my child but when thats cost is hard for me to live off its not . So now my self thinking is it worth work at all, whats the point.

In the pass the csa was very hard to talk too now its change over still help full but i dont think is fair.

Can be very presured trying to live with the little i have when the other party just wants to take as much as they can off you.

What also do fine how to work out what they charge. Make it so hard.

One thought on “I want to pay for my child, but CSA makes it hard to get by

  1. Hi Terry

    The Agency should be charging you an amount which commensurate with your income – 15 per cent on the net income scheme and 12 per cent on the gross income scheme.

    If you need help or want to discuss matters further, please let me know. Email me at [email protected]


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