I want to know where my money is going!

September 13, 2013

i applied for csa back in may 2012 and to this day they are still messing me around and i haven’t received a single penny even though my ex has had money deducted from his wages,they send me numerous payment dates but i receive nothing, i ring them weekly to be told the same thing that their look into it and call me back but they never do.

i want to know where the money is going but they just pass me from pillar to post and im sick of it all as this whole time ive actually got no help in supporting my son!!!


  • jackie chapman says:

    the CSA are a complete joke FACT, they don’t give a damn so long as they get to keep OUR money for themselves, because they sure aint sending it to the people who it belongs too

  • John says:

    Probably on CSA staff and executive bonuses, or maybe M.P’s who still have their snouts in the trough for public money in the way of expenses!

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