I want the CSA to finally own up to their error and put things right – how can I do this?

May 19, 2013

Can anyone please advise.

Prior to 2006 my ex was claiming benefits (fraudulently) as a single parent to fund her “weekends” although the children still lived with me full time in the family home, so there was a legal requirement for her to open a CSA case when we actually separated. In court after much persuasion we finally agreed equal joint residence so no maintenance payments were required from either of us, the judge approved the agreement in an order. Under current legislation neither parent could go to the CSA until the order was one year old. Due to her claiming benefits the CSA did get involved right away !! I informed the CSA that there was an agreed court order as to residence, I held the child benefit and a further court order after my ex unsuccessfully tried to seize the child benefit stated that the children would reside with me for greater than 182 days. She also didn’t have the children stay overnight over school holidays so her overnights were around 120 a year. The CSA ruled she was entitled to child maintenance reduced by 3/7, i.e. to 57% of the total because they didn’t believe an agreement was in place despite sending copies of the child benefit award and court orders. She currently wants more money,refusing to allow the children any contact by resorting to domestic violence..courts refusing to enforce contempt of court due to implacable hostility being upsetting to the children. The CSA now persuing me for payments / arrears despite paying out whilst actually legally being the Parent with care under their own rules.

I have been forced over the years by DOE to pay thousands to her that she wasn’t entitled to, and the requirement to pay should have been on her. This would have discouraged her to stop preventing the children from enjoying a life with their father in order to claim maximum money from the CSA.

I want the CSA to finally own up to their error and put things right. Is there an effective way to do this.