I want money from my ex to raise our daughter

May 13, 2012

Hello there my name is Magdalena and I am a mother of a 4 year-old girl. I was in a relationship with her father since 2007 till 2011. We are not together anymore and am a single mum now.

My problem is that till January 2012 we had an agreement that we will divide any costs concerning our daughter into halves. Unfortunately since January I have been receiving no money from him at all. I have child tax credit and working tax credit 108 pounds and it’s not really much as I have to pay rent, bills myself, and my little ones nursery not to mention any costs of raising a child like food, clothes etc.

I hope you can help me with exacting the money from him to support our daughter, I would be more than grateful.


  • Joanna says:

    You need to contact the CSA directly and put a claim in.

  • Karl Garrett says:

    or speak to him to find out why? – before you drop him in the meat grinder that is the CSA!!!!!

  • Terry norris says:

    Indeed as Karl says
    He is right…the csa are arsehols,renouned for cock ups and screwing hard working fathers into the ground…don’t get me wrong,I truly believe in a father supporting and providing for his kids…but the current system is so so wrong,unfair,unjust and corrupt.It has nothing to do with welfare for the kids…it don’t care,if a system will without mercy take a mans roof from over his head and the then where on earth does this help that father and child’s relationship.How in gods name can the csa NOT take any outgoings into consideration when making an assessment of how much one pays.bills,mortgage,living cost,credit cards ,loans……none of it is taken into consideration.as far as the csa are concerned,you will pay and pay and pay…until you are out on the street or top yourself…it has nothing to do with the kids welfare,it’s another tax on the hard working fathers.its a ” rob Peter to pay Paul” the government claws back from me to pay for what it hands out in benefits to layabouts and single mothers that use the system and their kids to get free housing and all the benefits under the sun…that’s why fathers like me hate them so much…I am legally raped of £320 each month for a daughter who’s mother decided she didn’t want me anymore,didn’t want ANYTHING from me oh but I still want his money while she she enjoys her lazyarse self doing min work to get maximum benefits and has a partner working full time bringing in a salary,but if I met a new partner who was working,the csa would come after me for even more money because they see it as an extra income coming in,but they don’t reduce her payments and cut me some slack when she has a new partner bringing in a salary…oh no…so you see why the system is so f*****ing unfair.the system is designed to make sure the ex is has it all and more whilst the father is screwd to death and it ensures he has no future new life.
    So to sum up…if you get the csa involved your ex will be fucked and he will do ,probably, the best he can to avoid paying even more so than now….warn him first before going to the csa…tell him to read some of the horror stories on this site and see how the csa destroys life’s and causes nothing but resentment amonst parents and driving an even bigger wedge between them and the children…they are scum and I hope like thousands of honest hard working parents out there that one day these criminals will be put on trial themselfs …after all that’s how they treat NRP’s

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