I want a DNA test before I pay any money – does she have to agree?

May 2, 2013

I have been paying money to my ex partner for years. I was never sure whether the twin children were mine but thought on the chance of them being mine, i payed her money.

Except for a few payments i payed through the bank, I have no records of money i gave her. Now she has contacted the CSA, she said she can get more money off me because of law changes.

I want a dna test before i pay anymore money out how can i make her agree?


  • Alice says:

    If your ex partner makes an application via the CSA you will be contacted via phone or letter if they are unable to contact you by phone- if you deny paternity at this stage 9either on the call or when completing the Maintenance Enquiry Form) you will be offered a DNA test – if your ex refuses to submit herself and the children for testing the case will be closed, she could re-apply at a later date and again if you deny paternity DNA will be offered.
    If you take DNA tests and are proven to be the father of the children you will be liable for the cost of the tests and also ongoing maintenance. If you are proven not to be the father the CSA will cover the cost of the tests and there will be no case, your ex will not be allowed at any point to re-apply naming you as the father.

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