I tried to be amicable with the CSA so they doubled my payments!

February 11, 2018

I split with ex-wife 3 years ago and I paid a mass over payment privately, when she owed me over £3000 I decided I would not get my money back unless I stopped paying, then within a month child maintnenace was informed, I have my children on average 3 nights a week, and whilst overpaying I was also having the children on average 6 nights a week. So after trying to be amicable with CSA and getting nowhere they are now taking a deduction of earnings directly out of my wages, and doubled it, meaning that I can’t afford to eat, and as a type 1 diabetic is not good. All because I wanted to try and do things amicably.


  • David says:

    hi Andy I was sorry to read about your Situation.Too many People leave matters late before seeking help and assistance. That way, things become more difficult and protracted with the Agency. However, have you are now seeing help which I am Pleased about.

    First, the CMS/ C SA must take the number of days you have your Children into account. This will reduce your overall Child maintenance liability.

    Second, the Agency must consider your circumstances. If what they are taking from you could cause you to leave your Job or leave you in abject poverty, they should make allowances for that.

    You also need to check that what they are taking from you is commensurate with your actual income. Please be aware that the CMS/CSA often do break the law and can NEVER be trusted by either PWC or NRP.

    If you want help with the above please email me in the first instance at [email protected]


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