I thought the CSA was there to help

December 18, 2012

On the 22nd of september 2012 i filed for csa. The csa wrote to me and said my payment were £72 a week for 2 children.

I said for him to make direct payments to myself which he did for the first payment with the arrear he paid £360. I was expecting a payment from him on the 1st of december for £312 which i did not recieve.

I phoned csa and they made contact with him, and he said that he would make the payment. This went on until the 3rd of december and then i told csa to collect the payments from him. They collected the payment but only for £72.00 and when i asked why as he had not paid anything in the month they said there was nothing they could as i asked for direct payments to be made to me.

I just dont understand how they send me a letter to say what he is supposed to pay, and then let him get away with only paying £72.00. I thought csa was there to help.


  • wilf says:

    Sarah:- The CSA can only collect payments that are due from the date you actually ask them to start collecting payments.

  • Alice says:

    as you chose to have the case opened under Maintenance Direct any payments missed by your ex partner is a private matter between yourself and him. The CSA have no legal right to chase him for missed payments during the MD period – if there are missed payments whilst the agency is collecting the money they can take enforcement action to recover the arrears and collect the regular maintenance.

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