I thought joint custody meant 50/50 but I haven’t seen my children in over a year

October 27, 2013

I have recently gotten divorced. My ex wife and I were granted joint custody of our children. My ex wife does not allow me any health, education , or behavior information on my daughters. I have not seen my children in over a year. My ex wife has taken my daughters away from myself and manipulated them. My ex wife does not work. All CSA does is give her my money. She should be working supporting her own children. 50/50 = JOINT CUSTODY


  • Dave says:

    Your ex should not be involved in saying if you are to be informed of the children’s health and education. If you have PR, then you have a legal right to be informed of such. You will simply have to contact the GP and ask for print outs of your children’s health and also contact the schools(Education Act 1996). If either refuse you info, then you should make your MP is aware of this and ask him/her to contact the GP surgery and school.
    Paragraph 55 of the Guidance on Good Practice given by the General Medical Council states:
    55. Divorce or separation does not affect parental responsibility and you should allow both parents reasonable access to their children’s health records.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Sounds very familiar.. I really feel for you as I am in the same boat. No doubt she doesn’t have a single guilty bone in her body.. Not sure of your situation but you can apply for a contact order.. I have two but access is still denied as she bullshits saying.. They don’t want to see you or they are ill etc.. Judges as very reluctant to punish mothers and they know this.. A far simpler suggestion would be the next time you see her punch her in the face..lol.

    Try child support agency RIPOFF’S Facebook page … May get some sound advice here..

  • FightingFather says:

    Seems to me that Fathers Rights are still in the dark ages. This country is always banging on about equality, human rights this human rights that. Where are my rights as a father? My ex decided how often i can see our children! i have to take her to court, defend myself against all the lies she has told just so i can see my kids. Who says that mothers should be able to make these decsions? Surely when people separate that the children should have equal access to both parents? Obviously in certain circumstances that this should not be so but then those cases should go to court. I reckon if the tables were turned and fathers could have full say there would be a complete uproar by the female population! So why are they able to get away with it?
    I’ve read a lot of stuff on this site….what are we going to do about it? This needs changing and changing NOW!!!!

  • FightingFather says:

    I was told by the robots at the CMS that if i didn’t want to pay the extra 20% that they’re bringing in, that i should come to an arrangement with the kids mother….i politely informed them that the gold digging vengeful bitch can not hold an adult conversation (without throwing her toys out of the pram and then calling the police making false allegations of bullying and harrassment? and will carry on this case until i die! I was informed to seek legal advice .. i told them because they were bleeding me fucking dry i had no money left to feed and house myself let alone pay someone to tell me stuff i already know!!
    Oh and yes they have managed to force me out of my home as i can’t afford what they’re “system” has said that i can afford!! FUCKERS!

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