I think they’ve totally overcooked it!

November 19, 2014

Hi I have been paying for my daughter through the CSA since she was 3 she is now 20 years old ,In 2008 they said I owed £3400, my assessment was to pay 0,(as I have 2 more children and a partner that does not work)at this point they put a charge on my house,I continued to pay £120 a month,in 2013they contacted me and said they have miss calculated the amount and ther was another £750 to add, I was use to them miss calculating over the last 17 years, but my objection was that when the added the amount they another charge on my house that the court costs generated were £250,I have asked that they send on a spread sheet showing how much I have paid on the first sum of £3400,against the second sum .the point I make their monies were secure as the first charge covered both , TO DATE.

I have written and had several 20 minute phone calls basically asking for my account details to highlight my point,to date nothing,.I think the CSA have totally over cooked it !if you went and purchased a 50in TV for £750 and they slapped a charge over your property and charged an extra £250 you would walk out , my credit rating is at present with experian 999 and I have not missed a CSA payment in 17 yeras . please give us your thoughts.