I think they’re taking random amounts out as they please

January 15, 2014

Hello, i have recently had a county court judgement order taken out from the csa. i have an attachment of earning from my net income. the trouble is i think they are taking random amounts out as they please as it is showing up different each week. they are leaving me with nothing to live on, after my living expenses (rent, council tax, water rates, electric and gas, im left with nothing to buy food. nothing to get to and from worm with.

I earn above £200 a week but below £800. my exact income is £288 a week net. but occasionally i get a bonus and the last five pay slips my employer sent in contain this bonus. but there after i havent received a bonus so they are deducting money for something i don’t get anymore, they say i need to send in last five wage slips to prove this but not ones that have csa deductions? how can this be possible to achieve a accurate income? on my net weekly income of £288 they are taking £77.86 and £21.56 a total of £99.42 leaving me with £188.58 i feel this is far to much? could you please let me know how i can sort this out? thank you in advance.


  • jo says:

    If you are paying by deo I do not understand why csa have gone for a liability? Get all your paperwork together and see your mp. If csa have asked for slips etc send copies of what you can and do this recorded.

    csa should have also sent a payment schedule to you if they haven’t you need to start making a complaint.

    my advice, get clued up on how the csa operate and be one step ahead.

    Good luck.

  • Bill says:

    If you have arrears of child maintenance the CSA are obliged to collect the arrears as quickly as possible.
    Their guideline is under two years but they must leave you with at least 60% of your net income.
    If your income varies then the 40% they can deduct must vary. At the moment they seem to be taking about 35%.
    If you are having difficulties the send them a list of your expenditures against your income and ask them to reduce the rate at which you pay the arrears.
    The amount for regular maintenance can not be changed until you have a reassessment based on your latest five wage slips. It does not matter if the CSA deductions are shown on the wage slips. All they need to do is look at the gross, deduct tax, N.I. and any pension payments to arrive at your net income. Send them in as soon as possible recorded delivery so that you can keep track.

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