I still have to pay because ex won’t inform CSA of circumstances

October 23, 2015

Just been told by the csa and child tax credits that I still have to pay csa because my ex has not informed them the child dropped out of college 7 months ago.

They will not check with college and told me it only closes when the mother tells them he is not going college.

Csa says they won’t stop the case until child tax credits tells them to as she is still claiming child tax credits as she has not told them either. Csa told me to ring child tax credits and Child tax credits told me they will not discuss any inforamtion because I am not the person receiving them. And to cut a long story short there’s nothing any of them can do until the mother rings them to cancel them and say he’s nots going college.

The mother can do this up until the csa ends at 20 years old as long as she says he’s in college because the csa and child support won’t check.


  • Jo says:

    What your ex is doing is fraud. You need to ring child benefit with your claim that the child is no longer in education and also the benefit fraud hotline with tax credits. It doesn’t stop overnight but least you have done something to get the ball rolling and questions asked where your ex will need to provide proof.

    Might be worth contacting the college, they might be able to tell you something but don’t hold your breath.

    If this fails then see your MP asap, don’t just take the csa’s word for it.

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