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I so hate these arrogant people

Really need advice.

I have been separated from my kids dad for 12 years. In November 2008 he started a new job + decided he would pay me £20 a week for his 2 daughters. Out of the blue I received a letter from the CSA July 2009 stating they were looking into my case. They asked for details of the payments I had received from him which I gave them. I eventually received a letter back stating that his payments should be £80 a week due to his high earnings. In this letter they stated as he hadn’t been paying the correct amount for the last 8 months that he had arrears of over £2000 but it was up to me to collect this! However 2 days after this letter I received another letter stating that he should continue to pay me my weekly maintenance direct but they were now going to retrieve the arrears from him monthly + pass it on to me. I received monthly payments for the next year until all the arrears had been paid.

Since then I have had no dealings with them. On returning home from work on Thursday there was a letter from the csa stating that they had overpaid me by, yes you’ve guessed it the £2000 arrears they had collected from him all those years ago!! I phoned them straight away but was told that unfortunately my case worker (didn’t know I had 1!) wasn’t there at the moment but the lady I spoke to said I would receive a call back. I received a call back the next morning from a very arrogant, rude csa advisor! Luckily I had kept all the correspondence I had received from them, which I don’t think she was impressed about. She stated that as he was paying me direct that they should never have got involved in retrieving the arrears from him. She said that they sent me a letter saying it was up to me to get these from him. I confirmed that yes I had received this letter, however 2 days after that I had received another letter stating that they would now collect the arrears + transfer them to me.

Her reply to this was that it was a mistake + that I should never have been sent the letter. I asked what they wanted me to do + get this, they want me to pay them back then they will give it back to him + I’ve to come to an agreement with him to get the arrears back from him!! So in other words they want me to give them money which he will have to give me back!! Does this make sense to anyone?? If he’s due me the arrears any way what is the point in this?! It was like banging my head against a wall trying to talk to this advisor! She kept saying that yes he was due these arrears as he had been underpaying me for all those months but now they wanted it back + I could make an arrangement with him to get the arrears!! This makes no sense to me at all. She also breached their confidentiality rule by telling me my ex partner has another child that he’s paying for – surely this is a breach of confidentiality? She also stated on the phone that the over payment was £2600 which is more than the letter stated! I don’t have a good relationship with my ex partner, in fact is quite volatile.

If the csa hadn’t assessed him in 2009 he would still be giving me the bare minimum for his kids! I have found out thru his parents that the letter he received from them stated that he’d overpaid me by £1250 so that’s 3 different amounts!! What the hells going on! I am now worried sick about this in case he stops the maintenance payments. The csa have screwed up yet again. I was entitled to those payments as he had been under paying me for 8 months so know I’m not in the wrong. I’m beginning to think that they may have my case + his other 1 mixed up as when I made the initial phone call on Thursday, the person I spoke to said that there was a different name on the screen she was looking at (she was looking at copy of letter I’d received) – however the arrogant b#tch I spoke to on Friday denied this was the case + basically accused me of lying!! What can I do? Phoning them doesn’t resolve anything. I’m at a loss what to do so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I so hate these people!!! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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  1. Should have said that the case was originally opened in 2004 due to me being in receipt of benefits but everytime the tried to assess my ex he would leave his job! I was only on benefits a year so didn’t know my case was still active. They became involved in 2009 due to the fact that the mother of his other child had went to them to get money from him. I write to them stating that I had been receiving payments from him. The csa have admitted that they have made an error. My whole point is that its stupid fir me to pay this back then have to get the arrears back from him. Why would it take csa 6 years to get in touch

  2. Sounds ridiculous to me, the CSA are a joke. It’s not just NRP who receive terrible service but RP too. I suspect the staff have absolutely no idea what the hell they are doing. That’s why phone calls never end in a satisfactory answer or any resolution.

    To people who say close the case, not all NRP will willingly support their children in a direct agreement and refuse to pay anything towards their children despite having contact and will try and evade paying even with the involvement of CSA/CM as is the case in my situation.

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