I should have jumped from the bridge onto the M6

October 9, 2010


I have now sacked solicitors because so far 48 hrs police cells supposedly “Duty Of Care” resulted in my blood on the cell wall and serious head injury then for the first time in my life sent to prison ? So instead of being treated as a human being in extreme distress i have been treated like a low life criminal !!!!

And for the record it was never going to be death by transport because that would cause the driver suffering it was always going to be the central reservation because as ex forces i knew i could do a controlled jump landing horizontal on the 2 barrier’s would have damaged or snapped neck and lower back.

Since being released from prison i have not recieved any help whatsoever I had to make appt to see G.P and the first thing the G.P said was “We should have known there is enough signs on your medical history!

I have repeatly attempted to get the crimes against me stopped including local M.P twice , parliamentry obusman and low and behold preston magistrates who didn’t even respond ? so how can they do this to me if csa crimes continue even now and even the courts themselves are unwilling to serve truth and justice ?

A person can only take so much inhumanity!

I should have jumped knowing what i know now!


  • Rach says:

    no you shouldnt have jumped! i know how the csa drive you to so much despair but suicide would cause so much suffering to the family that you leave behind! I believe that sooner or later this will all end and they will be shut down, you HAVE to hang in there. THere are so many other people suffering that something has to be done soon

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    i've been there and know how hopeless it all is but hang in there cause it will take years and now you've reached rock bottom then you can only go up … don't be afraid or to proud to accept help from your friends

  • Michael Hallett says:

    You can turn it round and say fuck it I'm going to enjoy my life, despite of all the shit. Something good will always happen, fact, and you'll miss it if you jump. Out of the blue good stuff happens, and you think wow I'm glad I waited around for that. Really it's happened lots of times since I nearly said fuck life I can't stand it. I have relapse moments but I think, I was happy yesterday, I'll probably be happy tommorrow.You took a lot of shit already, so YOU CAN take it. See you are stronger than you think. Also fuck em all, cuz I aint gona end my life due to extreme pressure from lesser mortal twisted evil bastards. They aint worth the drips from my nose.

  • Karen says:

    I think you need to get help.

  • Marcus king says:

    I have again and again again asked for help even twice local M.P ?
    I have the documents to prove the C.S.A lies ?
    Keep hearing “No one willing to take them on ?”
    Its the system you will lose ?


  • Ewan Hyde says:

    Focus on positives, even if they're other people's and always remember that: 1. They won't give a shit; 2. The best revenge is to lead a good life unbroken by the actions of others.

  • Michael Hallett says:

    In the depths of despair, one thought. How will this effect my children? cuz it will.Now I intend to live as long as possible, cuz opportunies for justice WILL present themselves, and if I'm dead they WONT.This severly unjust system MUST collapse.YOU are now doing your bit simply by adding your voice. It ALL counts.Besides which life does have it's moments of wonder and pleasure.Seek them out and don't feel guilty about it.

  • Phil Lee says:

    Been there – am ex forces too – hang in there mate – trust me it doesn't last forever, try to live in each moment and pu the csa to one side, your life is precious, as is all life – yours is precious to others who know you.. be bigger.. you are worth more than the f. CSA. BE STRONG.

  • Brokenfather says:

    Marcus, if you kill yourself because of the CSA then they will have truely won.

    Dont let them win ……..

  • graeme says:


    Dont do it mate. It is not worth it. You cannot let these bastards win. There day is coming.

    Please get in contact with Ex service charities ie Royal British Legion etc.

    Contact Child Support Solutions they can help.

    There is also a link in some of the posts here for a website called deadbeat dads. I am sure they can help you as well.

    I am ex forces as well mate and like you i have thought about ending it. But I am determined I will never let this bunch of criminals get the better of me. Keep fighting them mate. Never give the fight up.

  • Karl Garrett says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I reached the same point & guess what, no one was there to listen or help. I was just a cash machine and nothing else. There are times I wish I had gone all the way…but 6 police patrol officers & other resources stopped me. Even on my potential way out, all the greedy ex could bang on about is money…so there in lyes her true motivation.

    In hindsight..even if you have to live in a shed due to the greedy women & CSA (like me) hang on…you’ll get your chance for retribution one day…be patient.

  • big john says:

    hey pal keep your head up. light at the end of the tunnel im sure the end is close for the csa .. god we all pray it is .

  • lyn says:


    The tears is running down my face as I read your story as a few hours ago my wonderful partner has told me the same thing that he wished he was dead!

    We are going through hell right now and those bastards are not worth it. I agree with Karl they want you living on the streets, down and out, no shirt on your back. You know what give it to them because you wont have any peace.

    My partners ex is a sceeming bitch who only ever used him for money, money, money. When thy divorced she would not sign the paperwork until he paid her £5,000. Obviously his solicitor stepped in and soon put a stop to her games. She will not be happy until we are homeless and out on the streets.

    Today we received notificaton to pay the £36,000 or else. You know what we have no fight left in us so they can take whatever they want from us. Our property, clothes, belongings etc.

    I have already printed on another story that HER SON (from a previous relationship) IS SERVING TIME IN PRISON FOR STABBING A MAN AT A CASH POINT MACHINE!!!!! Oh yes he is in his comfortable cell while we are being treated like shit.

  • graeme says:


    Dont ever give up the fight with these people. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Your husband is one of the good guys.

    No words of comfort I or anybody else types on here will not relieve your situation. Just find the strength to carry on.

    Good luck


  • Karl Garrett says:

    Why is it good people get screwed? – there is something fundamentally flawed about society and it’s reliance on money, and the attainment of it.

    I’m sure we all know it…fight on, and hold head high. Although we may have no future, or diminished living opportunities, we can take the moral high ground, and know in our hearts of hearts that we have integrity. Which is a faucet that is seemingly lacking these days.

    Fight on….( although I really would like to blow the CSA up!! – as talking & moaning doesn’t seem to work….)

  • John says:

    Stick around to watch them crumble and suffer as they have made you and millions of others suffer.

    Remember Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27 years and yet rose from the ashes to be President of his country.

    CSA/CMEC will be history soon enough!

  • Rach says:

    I do hope so John

  • Unknown says:

    Am so glad that am not going through this on my own, I too have been wishing I was dead. And I doubt CSA will ever crumble in my lifetime. I will suffer, Ive been trying to make ends meet paying off built up debts and court demands of payments to be met or I get jailed prior to any of this. One day I receive a letter demanding stuff. In the process of finding out what this was all about I find out that, apologies for my rudeness but the stupid ****** had tried this with 5 other guys?? She went threatning to the houses, threatening family members with physical force, harrasment, sending people around trying to cause threatening statements and all sorts. They all warned me that beware, she aint after the money, shes begging to look for someone to screw their lives up. Hands on my heart what happens? Exactly that, in the end I changed cities, she tried causing havoc trying to get hold of me, blackmailing me with CSA. Nevertheless I thought get CSA done to keep her off my back and now find out that CSA will take my life away before they stop. Telling me they come above the court demands, MIB payments, credit cards bills, my private collegue student fees that I was paying before and means I have to stop studying and several other things they brought to light, if proven child is mine, they just didnt care etc etc. Someone pray for me that I will be dead in the morning.

  • graeme says:


    Ok first steps. Dont panic.

    Apply for a paternity test through the CSA. If the test shows you are the biological father then the csa will come into play and it will be 15% of your earnings.

    If u are not the father no further action will be taken against you. End of story.

    Be warned though, DNA test will cost but you will get that money refunded.

    Read the posts on this website for help and advice. There is a lot of good information on self help here. Read and inwardly digest.

  • Marcus King says:

    Response regarding comment requesting paternity tests ?
    I have again and again and again asked for and demanded tests and been refused and add to that according to a c.s.a. letter i refused to take a paternity test when i have a letter from her solicitor in which in fact she was the one who refused to take the test ? SHE REFUSED TO TAKE THE TEST AND YET THEY ARE STILL TAKING MONEY FROM MY BENEFITS AND THE COURTS THEMSELVES HAVE SAID THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED ?

  • graeme says:


    Esculate your complaints through the complaints procedure.

    I am sure that there is a procedure in place tio help you out.

    Try deadbeatdads assoc.

    Have you tried NASCA..?

    Have you tried Durham Legal Services ?

    Have you tried Child Support Solutions ?

    All these avenues have yet to be tried and I am positive somebody out there can help you.

    Dont give up the fight. Get back to your MP again. That is what they are there for To serve YOU.

  • Marcus King says:

    Yet another night unable to sleep as i’m back in preston magistrates on the 20th to be committed to crown on the charge of public nuisance on a highway ? Why is it that the courts can do this when i can prove theft and robbery by the c.s.a. I have gone through all the complaints procedure upto local M.P and including the very magistrates court that is treating me with less humanity than an animal would get , the crimes, unlawful actions and inactions show quite clearly crimes of state are NOT treated the same as crimes against the state ?
    About a month before the tragic bridge day i was in the paper as the pride of lancashire getting the chief constables commendation for stopping an armed robbery then they stand up in court can say i’m a risk to the general public ? that cut and cut deep , after leaving the army i went into security where i put myself in harms way hundreds of times not just for the public but saving police officers from harm on more than one incident ?
    If you want the truth do not go to court watch the film called ” Outlaw” with Sean Bean,Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer , what sean says in the gym is the truth!

  • Marcus King says:

    Well so far the only chance i’ve had to speak the truth is on here ?
    Rach oct 9th , have no family so i’m the only one to suffer , had 3-4 years of suffering whilst repeatedly having my plea’s thrown back in my face .
    Karen oct 10th , i have a folder full of requests for medical and legal help to no avail.
    Graeme oct 10th, T.R.B.L do not deal with legal matters and they are all ready struggling with the recent huge increase in the needs of ex-forces.
    Lyn oct 11th,
    Save your tears for the children who become victim’s of released animal’s
    Save your tears for the elderley who already struggle to put food in their mouths and heat their homes which given the “Cuts” they are implementing will only get worse.
    Save your tears for the soldiers who have died not through the atrocitie’s of war but because duckponds and imaginary mortgages on imaginary houses are deemed more important by government and parliament than basic equipment for troops.
    Karl oct 12th , Agreed finish Guy Fawkes mission ……….
    John 12th C.S.A may crumble but the new version C.M.E.C instead of being leashed and muzzled they have been given more power to continue their crimes without having to go through the courts thus greatly further reducing the public’s access to their rights .
    Other media forums posts people want me dead even offering to push me : (

  • graeme says:


    How did u get on with the magistrates court?

    Please keep us updated.

    Keep fighting mate


  • Marcus King says:

    Hi Graeme ,
    Yet again they had no interest in the more serious crimes of tyranny , but i did manage to speak briefly and in an frustrated and agitated voice said ” I demand that my intention to bring criminal charges and human rights violations with regards to the treatment i’ve been subjected to on a common law charge that i’m not guitly of !” are put on record , bottom line if the system had dealt with these crimes in year 1 or year 2 or year 3 or year 4 …. a bridge to far would NOT HAVE HAPPENED !
    Too much damaged sustained now for so long been after truth and justice now i’m after serving truth outcome is of no concern
    thanks for listening

  • Rach says:

    why the hell doesnt this shitty government have a look at this site and see all the damage and despair that the csa causes to decent human beings? I for one am now seriously considering moving my family abroad to a more “decent” country .

  • Marcus King says:

    I still don’t remember everything that happened that day on the bridge but i do remember asking for a solicitor which was denied and yet according to the police report to the court a solicitor was present ?
    When they denied me a solicitor there was just one other repeated and repeated demand which was “Safe passage to a court of law ” thats all i kept repeating and again according to the police that demand was unreasonable ?
    If they had done that i can only estimate that the inconvience to the general public would have been reduced between 50% to 75% but it was never my intention to upset the public that will haunt me the rest of my days

  • marcus king says:

    It stalks us night and day and is as relentless as death itself !
    Well now in crown court on 7th december and on friday just gone had a meeting with clinical forensic psychiatrist have to wait for his report but at the end of meeting he stated i am ill and need treatment but also that i could still face prison ,so the fact the crimes of the csa and the system caused the illness and that has pushed me to the point that there is only one solution .

  • Marcus King says:

    39 weeks imprisonment suspended for 2 years , 2 years supervision order no court costs and the judge instructed the legal team to help with C.riminally S.anctioned A.trocities , Its stalks us night and day and is as relentless as death itself !

  • Melany Ford (Was King) says:

    Im probably going to get slated for this but you know what I dont care all people are hearing on sites like this is one side to a story…..Your side in this case
    First and formost Im devasted that Ive read about you saying you should of jumped from that bridge Marcus I stumbled upon this article and its really really upsetting
    2nd Im sorry that our marriage ended the way it did, something that youve heard me say before but it seems to me that you have a vendetta that you just wont let go of!!
    I tried to make it work for the love of god I was expecting your child the last thing I wanted was to raise him alone but for reasons I wont go into on here it didnt work and I filed for divorce. You wouldnt sign the papers and therefore probably due to ‘hormones’ as I had just had a baby I said I wouldnt give you DNA if you wouldnt give me a divorce, it seems so childish now but you have to remember Id just given birth?? The divorce went ahead without you signing any papers because of abandenment. After I had him I became ill and had to claim benifits and this is the ONLY reason CSA got intouch with you I didnot as you always say get intouch with them!! I then stated quiet clearly that you could have DNA test done as you were disputing he was your’s but you then declined and I do have proof myself of this ( What Im saying here) is yes I hold my hands up and say I wouldnt give you dna testing at first but then you also declined so in the end we are left with a no win situation!! Marcus, we were intouch briefly again be it through text messages in May 2008 and I said then that Id have DNA test to prove he was yours but due to your condidtions it never went any further and you said quite brutally I was never under any circumstances allowed to refer to him as your child!! Marcus the CSA take £10 a fornight from your benifits which I HONESTLY DO NOT HAVE A SAY IN it isnt the money I want!!! What I want and what I have always wanted was you to have a relationship with this beautiful little child who is missing out on a wonderful person in his life and thats his DADDY!! He’s nearly 5 now and youve never ever seen him personally, heard his voice, touched his soft skin and held his hand or seen his beautiful smile….Marcus hes here and you dont want to know him and the only person stopping that is YOU!!! Marcus for the last time if you want Dna done do it Im not stopping you, if only to prove once and for all that hes yours. Also again I am honestly so sorry to hear that you sought attention this way Never wish yourself dead Marcus

  • Marcus King says:

    I’ve just revisited this site and found this last message from “pwc” i still have your solicitors letter where you lied several times and then refused to take the test ! That confirmed my suspicions of infidelity which 2 of YOUR friends said at the time if they were me they would get a d.n.a test done again confirming my suspicions ! My issue was never with you despite your horrible behaviour .
    When a n.r.p refuses test there instantly found guilty so when a p.w.c refuses the n.r.p surely is innocent ? and of course p.w.c refusing test indicates guilt of foul play !
    point 1. p.w.c refused test !
    point 2. the child support agency is a non judicial body who can,will and has found alleged fathers guilty of parentage without evidence on the grounds of marriage , as per c.s.a “LAW” ? One u.k study puts married infidelity at 36% thats 1 in 3 cheating , An official U.S study puts infidelity between 30% and 60% so thats go’s from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 marriage infidelity that is well within the realms of reasonable doubt ? I back this up with “BLACKSTONES FORMULATION which is accepted by the courts , Quote ; “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”
    point 3. parentage can be assumed if the alleged father is named on the child’s birth certificate (unless the child was adopted) Under the rules of evidence this is nothing more than a signed statement without evidence ! ergo ” hearsay” again you cannot be found guilty on hearsay without evidence by a non judicial body.
    The sooner the public wake up to the tyrannical dictatorship that is forced upon us and exercise their right to Article 61 Magna carta 1215 “I or We the people withdrawal our consent to be governed by a corrupt government ! the sooner people can bring the balance of power back to the people !

  • Marcus King says:

    Again more lies , I tried talking to you in a civil manner to sort things but you wouldnt so heres more truth I instructed solicitor to request dna test and you sent solicitors letter back before child was born or before divorce papers which I have never seen so couldnt sign and another lie you do not have a signed document stating my refusal , you state you didnt contact csa and I have one csa letter stating your application and a second letter stating I agreed to pay ! fucking lie after receiving your refusal letter the case should have been closed and I have been fighting for a fair trial since then till now so I did not agree child is mine or to pay and I challege csa to prove this ,you refused dna test because you didnt know who the father is !! so just more evidence of lies by you and csa , again you state text message may 2008 offering dna test that too is a lie , you are disgusting, allegation of parentage which I was/am justified in disputing and your refusal to give evidence is guilt , given your inhumanity regarding this atrocitie you have no right being a parent and csa aided and abetted by dwp,gov. and royal assent are fraudulent breach of trust by uk csa has already been found guilty of human rights violation and I would show more csa crimes if I got a fair trial !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus King says:

    I Marcus King do hereby on record once again request and demand a fair trial regarding this matter including the police,courts,governments and head of states long list of criminal and human rights violations !!!!!

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