I seem to be hitting my head against a brick wall

September 6, 2013

my case has been open since 2008 and thrown from pillar to post from Falkirk to Edinburgh then to England to Belfast then back to Falkirk/Edinburgh.

i seem to be hitting my head off a brick wall to when i require information like what’s my protected earnings and they cant seem to tell me especially when they send me 5 letters dated the same date and all having different calculations. The undue stress and harassment from them has made me ill and to top it off i am now no longer working thanks to them..


  • Sally says:

    @ CSAsPoof…. With the shit that comes out of your mouth we can only assume its being pushed in from your rear….

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Good you have the five calculations in writing so it’s now a trip to your MP and tell him or her to find out which is the correct one.

    Once you have that, you can then make 4 formal complaints for incorrect calculations.
    Well done for getting everything in writing – using the phone only just creates more problems.

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