I received SIX different letters from CSA in one day!

November 26, 2014

Hi all, I’m at my wits end with these thieving bastards from CSA. I’m a father of a 9 year old son that lives with his mom (she’s the one that decided to leave and take my son with her) and a 3 month old baby with my current partner.

Before meeting my current partner 3 years ago, I was living on my own in a one bedroom rented flat and my son was staying with me every weekend. They decided to take everything I earned from my wages and left me with £700 which from that I had to pay rent £650, bills and have food for the month.

Later on, I met my current partner and we moved to the Isle of Wight and my older son is staying with me only once a month because his mom says “it’s too much travelling for him”!!! Anyway, since my other son was born this year in August I have phoned CSA to tell them about him and to redo the calculations and also they said they will calculate the travel into it as I spent £150 just to pick him up and take him back home.

The first phone call was in August, it’s now end of November and they still haven’t sorted it out. I was phoning 4-5 times a month to find out what’s happening, to know what I need to pay a month and still nothing.

Today I have received 6 letters!!! (Exactly, 6) and each one gives me different amounts of what I had to pay since last year!!!! What is wrong with these people???? I haven’t asked for anything from last year, all I wanted to know is how much I have to pay a month since my other son was born!!!! And the payment they calculated for them it’s wrong….again!!!!!!!

I’m getting fed up with them, with their attitude, they seem to take all the money from me but somehow it never reaches my ex. Someone needs to do something about them!!!! We fathers have always been labelled bad for not paying, for leaving, for this and that…but what happends when SHE decides to leave and break the family apart??

My son suffers from all this because ex is a b**** and she doesn’t want to compromise on anything with regards to traveling, etc…..but all she does she moans and lies to CSA that I’m the bad one!!!! Grrrrrr…


  • Colin says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for reply. It’s not the tax credit as I’ve only just applied today as my other half will go back to work beginning of December and the little one is going to the childminder. How will they find out I have child tax credit if I don’t tell them?

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Are they from the same office?
    I have the fun of dealing with the CSA at Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Crewe, Belfast, Newcastle and Hastings.

    They do not talk to each other and are unaware of what each other office is doing.

    Still, keeps the unemployable employed.

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