I proved that son was out of college but CSA won’t listen

April 7, 2019

I have a son who is 20 years old in December 2019 he no longer attends college of which he was only doing one day a week, but the CSA are taking £170 from my wages for him, i have been paying regularly but i changed jobs and after my son said he was no longer in college i never set the payment up again, i have a solicitor involved at my own cost but she is getting nowhere aswell, they don’t listen when we tell them my son is out of college, i have even informed them where he works, but no listening. I am at my wits end. £780 a month to an ex that is fraudulently claiming maintenance and child benefit, i mean who is there actually sticking up for the fathers. i need help and i don’t know where to turn anymore.


  • Matt says:

    I’m in a similar situation. Whilst the Mother is claiming child benefit for your son apparently she’s entitled. Report the Mother for claiming child benefit whilst he’s no longer attending education. The system sucks and is discriminating fathers up and down the uk …..we need to lobby the government for change.

  • Emma Burrows says:

    Iv not been in your situation or not sure if youv tried, but could you contact your sons college and tell them to put it in writing that he no longer attends then send it to the child maintenance people? Surely with it in writing that he dont attend should help, also if they check with the HMRC to clarify hes working,
    Its so unfair your paying a stupid amount

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