I pay for four children and two are mine

December 9, 2010

What a load of vile rubbish this page spouts.

Firstly, I am the father to two great children who live with my ex-wife. We get on really well, and I financially support them at more than the CSA says I am obliged to – which is why I am never troubled by the CSA – because we never needed them because we were not all bitter and twisted and tried to avoid paying our dues. I happily ‘invest’ in my children, even though my ex has a new husband. I do this because the new husband is a great guy, but doesn’t earn much, and I am grateful that he has taken my children under his wing, that we work together and I want to make sure that he, my ex and the kids have a decent life.

By irony, my new partner also has two children who I live with. However, because I live with them, her ex (who earns £120,000 a year which we know of) is now saying ‘you should support my ex-wife’, is cutting spousal maintenance and lies to the CSA and the tax man about his income (mostly using some of the tricks that this website advocates), forcing my partner to be reliant on me.

So, I am paying for two homes and four children, only two of which are mine and only one of which I live in.

So, care to tell me what is fair about that?

Stop whining you pathetic scumbags – step up to the plate and take some responsibility and stop under-valuing motherhood. Stop forcing women ‘back to work’ just so you don’t have to pay so much. Being a single parent is a crap job – I know, I was raised by one, I created one and I fell in love with one.

You cannot say you love your kids it you are constantly attacking their mother.

Have some respect. More importantly, have some self-respect.


  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Your partners ex shouldn't actually be paying SPOUSAL maintenance if she lives with you. So he did right there!

  • Angela McMillan Adamson says:

    OMG!! What a complete arse this bloke sounds, the only reason he doesn't have the CSA chasin him is cus his ex is getting more than enough support. He hasn't got a f***** clue what it's like to be hounded by the supposedly Child SUPPORT Agency. Get real, people on here are having to deal with shit day in day out. The CSA wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the women out there who do & want nothin more than to cause great stress to their ex. "Forcin women back to work so that they (the nrp) pays less", what a load of crap, the calculations are based on the nrp not on the pwc. And am so glad your partner's ex is cutting spousal maintenance, she's now with YOU, although I can't understand why! so of course he shouldn't bloody pay spousal maintenance. If I was her I'd tell you to cut your payments to your ex as payin for two households is ridiculous, seems to me you don't want to let go & let your ex support her own home. Maintenance payments should be for the children not for the ex. THIS POSTER is full of crap…..DICKHEAD.

  • Martin Muddaphucker says:

    come on everybody one more time

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Well said Angela……

  • Carrie says:

    I know this is an old post, but ,while the original poster (or was it propaganda /wind up for the CSA!) ‘POLISHES HIS HALO ‘ some of us people in the REAL WORLD are still having problems with the CSA believing everything the SAINTLY pwc’s say! Some of us rely on this page to vent our feelings, hoping someone at the top may SEE IT & HELP US !!!
    The Child Support Agency isn’t doing a lot to support the child that lives with us or doesn’t HE COUNT !!!

  • melanie parton says:

    has this been posted by the csa or does thus twit just not live in the real world…..noone is u ferming mother or fatherhood but the ex is not a wallet open chek book or bank account while people who psys lives are completly dedtroyed the other party sits on there arse reapin evry benefit goin hows that fair nothin to do wiv kid exs are bitter conyrol freaks that wont let u move on for above 20 years denied a right to life the kids in the new family suffer as they take their family credit even tho the other kid gets hiz ownhow is that fair to them to do without for sum cheating bitch…….that ran off……its not quite as simple as u think…..get yr head from up yr arse n get in the real world……many are sucfering evdn ending there own life due to csa antics…..its nit as simple as pay up….geeez

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