I paid directly for years, only for me to owe the CSA for arrears

July 7, 2013

Split up with ex wife in 2007 I have 1 child with her to which I was paying direct payments to her, with the guidance of the csa. I was paying payments via cheque to which she asked for and cashed .

Paid cheques direct to ex every week with out fail from start of 2008, 2009, and 2010. unbeknown to me ex was contacting csa for them to collect payments she kept stopping and starting case example:2nd April 08 contacts csa not being paid collect payments yet 4th April 08 asked for cheque and went to bank and cashed ,did not notify csa that she was still receiving direct payments so them a debt was mounting up .

in 2009 I changed job was being paid less so amount changed agreed with ex and notified csa sent off info to them (they say not received or was lost)but ex agreed to the amount and carried on cashing cheques In the mean time im in contact with csa via phone letters ect iv not dodged them lied to them regular phone contact ect.

Get to 2013 im then notified there is a debt of £5,000.00 on case didn’t know where from after months and months we finally got told what it was from ,according to them I was supposed to pay direct to them at first ex lied about receiving payments ,produced evidence she then changed her mind then admitted she had received them and the amounts were knocked off the bill , but not the amounts when my wage changed even though she accepted that lower amount and cashed payment ,so now I still have a debt of paying £10.00 a week less for over 2 years for the period that I thought I was paying direct to my ex.

Not once in 08,09,10,11,12 whilst I was on phone to them did anyone say I wasn’t to pay her direct or that there was a debt on the case as it only came “to light ” in 2013 but according to the csa she can do what she has done even though she has fraudulently withheld information by not reporting that she was receiving direct payments at that time thus creating a debt against me.


  • Carrie says:

    We are in a similar situation-the pwc wont admit having the direct payments.We have proof of every regular monthly payment but the CSA just listen to her.They have made us pay the arrears with the ongoing assessment for over a year now,they aren’t thinking of our young son who lives with us! Got our data file,seen the MP..It’s very wrong …..we have been left to pay it all again. You have my total sympathy something needs to be done to provide a fairer system. I’ think in the future there will be a lot of cases to answer for from lots of decent nrp’s who have been treated in this way.

  • stephen orrell says:

    in the middle of a complaint with this case ,and it keeps getting worse they know she gave false info but refuse to take action against her.
    the lady that is dealing with the complaint has stated to us that she is looking at the complaint from both sides to make it fair to both parties ,yet it is now clear that she is only taking her side and has miss informed me and illegally miss lead me in favour of the resident parent after seeking legal advice i have put it in a letter as they then have it in writing and now just waiting for her response .If they don’t take action against her im thinking of publicly detailing on a face book page what she has fraudulently done (she thinks she is an upstanding citizen in the community )all of it would be truth so what could she do me for .

  • terry scott says:

    Totally sick and MPs applaude this public PR stunt as Child support!!! Its mother support

  • terry scott says:

    We need action!! On the streets.

  • jo says:

    Csa officer is only on one side and that’s her own….seems to me she trying to dig herself out of a hole for giving you false info.

    Write a letter of complaint and get your mp involved….show your ex that you’re not taking it lightly nor the csa!

    Never ever ring them as you will get different information.

    Good luck

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