I owe money because of their mistakes – how does this work?

October 31, 2013

The CSA are scamming me for the second time.

The first time around, they wanted £800 in back payments because of a change of circumstances. I got a new job, I informed them straight away about it. Somehow, despite me calling them every couple of weeks to urge them to hurry it along, it took them more than 6 months to recalculate what I should be paying, They told me to keep paying my usual amount in the meantime, and that’s where the back payment came from.

Surely this is their fault not mine? They charged an extortionate amount each month until the outstanding balance had reached zero. I told them that I could not afford this but they gave me some rubbish about it being their minimum rate. Anyway, a couple of years later and they are doing the same thing all over again, now that I have started a second job (I did so because I couldn’t afford to live off just the one job. By the time the bills were paid, and the food shop done, there was nothing left). This is bank work with the NHS.

Anyway, after they had calculated how much I should now be paying (after waiting until I had 3 months worth of pay slips to send in), I am still left waiting for a letter to tell me how much needs to be back payed. I have called them and tried to find out what the delay is but no-one can give me a justifiable answer. It is now another 3 months later and despite me nagging, I am still in the dark. Meanwhile, the longer I wait, the higher this bill is going to be. I also discovered through someone else that since I have a shared custody order for my child and have her for over a certain number of nights in a year, I should actually be paying less! I queried them on this and they agreed. They went to confirm it with my ex partner, and she denied it. I am now going to call them today and ask them what address I can send proof to (the court order, and my daughters school year timetable, and my own calculations). Even after I have done this, even though I should have been paying a lower amount for the last 4 years, and they have been informed about the specifics of the court order from the start, and have even had it sent in to them before, they have said that they won’t be reimbursing me in any way. This is completely one sided and despicable, especially since it was due to their own incompetency that they have misjudged how much I should have been paying from the very start.

If my ex and I can agree to handle payments outside of CSA, can all this be stopped? I had tried to handle payments by cheque before I got in touch with the CSA, but my ex just ripped them up in front of me, demanding cash in had instead because apparently having the cheque show in her bank account would affect her benefits. Hopefully this is not still the case, as the csa are extorters and I cannot give my ex cash as she has a tendency to lie in court and even accused me of never having paid my child before (this was quickly dispelled when I called the CSA and asked them to send me receipt of all my payments to them – I don’t know how she thought she was going to get away with that but hey).

Does anyone have any advice for me, as something seriously needs to be done! Thanks for listening.


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  1. Andrew Jones on November 1st, 2013 8:52 am

    Funny that. Coz they never pay money to the mothers in the first place . But they say we owe them money. No we dont owe them anything. They just a money loan shark. If we loaned money out like the csa say they do then we get put in prison. Funny how the csa can get away with this ripping us fathers off. Do what i do. Wot money they take off you then mug people back for same money back. Job done. The csa are just fucking kids heads up and making kids fatherless. They make mothers to have the kids against the fathers. Funny how the mothers have kids and all the years wd both mother and father brings them up as soon as the fathers part from the kids then the csa blames the fathers. Ok the mothers have no money and the fathers have no kids. Thats that. But the csa just want to piss off thebfathers more by taking our money off us. Yet if we all go unemployed we pay just £5 a week and the mothers are ok. The csa are scum and should be killed. All of the csa. There was times i just wanted a life but the csa stopped it. As soon as this country can scrap the csa the better thus country will run. They wonder whey there are so many fathers unemployed. They want to look as the way the csa runs. They break so many laws coz they dont have any. And one more thing can anyone tell you of any employer that has been fined for not giving details to the csa coz i cant find one….. Maybe it coz the csa has no laws…find out and let us know and we can all stick together…

  2. Matt on November 1st, 2013 10:01 am

    Hi, unfortuately there is nothing you can do other than put away what you think will be the shortfall in the mean time so that you have it ready when they make their unreasonable demand to pay the arrears back at a rate which is often financially crippling.

    Re. the sharded care variation, they won’t back date your claim but should make the variation from when you notify them. However if your ex is prepared to lie about your circumstances then who knows. If your ex is as manipulative as you portray then NEVER pay her in cash if you manage to negotiate a private arrangement. It has to be traceable or she and the CSA will say it never happened = further arrears.

    Good Luck,


  3. Terry Scott on November 12th, 2013 12:31 pm

    You can use http://www.nacsa.co.uk which are pretty good at handling the CSA for you.


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