I overpaid the CSA – how can I get back my money?

March 27, 2013

Short and sweet… July 2011 I left the job from which my CSA payments had been calculated. I ran and funded an ethical investment project through to November 2012, at which time my funds were exhausted and I had to start a small business to get an income. During that time between July 2011 and November 2012, I kept up my CSA payments, even though my income was ZERO for that entire time.

I had not informed CSA and continued paying, as I expected to have been earning from my project before then. I am now really struggling until my project starts to return an income and have asked the CSA to pay back the money I have effectively overpaid (over £4,500).

Despite my error in not informing them, the money remains overpaid and the blame for the error is irrelevant. Had I under-paid at all, I know for sure they would have been after me like a pack of wolves! What’s the chances of getting this money back?

Many thanks


  • steve says:

    had it done to me they took 40% of my income saying im in arrers when i wernt that much told me to wait for 12 week break down then said i overpaid £1600 then sent me a letter to say got to get it off me ex ha no chance now 2 years later new job going thro it again waiting for break down they got new wage slips and told me still got wait

    so NO

  • chall says:


    If you did not claim benefits and did not requested a re assessment at the time, the CSA will not carry out a retrospective change of circumstances.

  • Sally says:

    Even if you did follow the CSA guidelines and notify them they would deny it and continue as the did before…. Either way its all about the CSA stats… Not the child?

  • lisa says:

    Ask for a complete breakdown of all payments made to them and ask them how they got the figure they did, tell them about the over payment and demand they refund you, they might come back and say we cant get it back from the PWC because it can leave her struggling financially, dont let them win, they have done this to many times, good luck

  • Phil says:

    Thank you all very much for your input. I really appreciate your experiences. All of it has passed through my mind and I do not realistically expect the money back. Nonetheless, I fully intend to hound, nip, bite, itch and irritate the CSA forever! I informed them of this situation SIX WEEKS AGO now and they have not even had the courtesy to respond, not even in acknowledgement.
    Best of luck to everyone in their crusades!

  • Lee says:

    My daughter is 22 my payments to her should have stopped when she was 16 as she left home and started work, so for 6 years they have been taking the money from me directly, illegally.
    They were notified back in 2007 in a change of circumstances that she had left home and started work.
    My daughter was at my mums, my mum did not cash the giros she was sent, she saved them and returned them, i know she did i saw the pile and asked what they were. CSA is now saying that santander the bank that holds the account the giros are drawn on, is saying they were all cashed. bunch of fucking liars.

  • Dana says:

    Hi guys some good news just been to court as the scrounging ex wife frauding the system and living in spain, they took 600 a month of my husband doe they took 28000 of him while she was living it up in spain.
    Guess what we won! Csa now have to pay us back and make the lazy scrounger pay it back.
    Don’t give up guys, do everything In writing signed for record all calls take names build a case. Apply for you data access request files you will be amazed how they falsify letters and make errors.
    Good luck

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