I overpaid but I’ve had nothing back

September 3, 2013

I have always paid to the CSA and upto last November 20012 when I queried my case,it was closed.

Now through last November till this month(august 2013)I was told of a possible overpayment of nearly £24000, my ex had left the country and took my daughter but still claimed.

The case has been compiled and guess what,no overpayment,i then get hit with the arrears from November and now I have to pay that together with monthly payments.

But that’s not the killer,believe it or not,and I have the proof,my actual payment of arrears and everything else from the last case was £92496..YES you are reading that correct..


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. with your paperwork. Ask for a full breakdown of your account (if you haven’t all ready).

    Make a complaint to the complaints review team, regarding being given two misleading accounts from the CSA. One that you had over-paid, and the one where they stitched up with arrears.

    It may be worth contacting the CSA Chief Executives office.

  • bob says:

    Forget that!

    if the they are saying you overpaid bybthat much go and take them to court!

    in 2011/2012 a gentleman took CSA to court for over £40k and won. This has been the largest overpayment.

    Also in 2011/2012 15% of cases that went to have DNA tests came back as paternity fraud (remember this does not take into account tens of thousands of people who might not know about this or the tens of thousands of dads who cannot afford a DNA test)

  • John says:

    Fair point Bob. How does any NRP know that they are legally responsible for financing a child if they haven’t had a paternity test?

    Perhaps paternity tests are the first thing that the NRP/PWC or CSA ask for? Then we are at first base.

    I believe that I have over-paid for 12 months, because the mother was committing benefit fraud, and the CSA are covering it up, and I am about to go down the legal route, if they don’t admit their mistake and repay my over-payments.

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