I needed a loan to pay the CSA

September 13, 2012

The standard story I am working my ex receives Housing Benefit,DLA,Income support,child tax credit and child benefit she raises our daughter I raise our son.

I receive £1250 per month salary working as a full time office manager.

Because I am working I have been told to pay £218 per month towards my daughter’s upkeep!

Because my wife isnt working she had to pay me £10 per month my son has since left school and signed on the dole.

Looking at my wife’s income I find she has an extra third more than my income because I have to pay £600 pm rent and £120 pm council tax I am finding raising the money for a vehicle to get me to work and back is a struggle,I needed a loan further expence to maintain these payments.

I stated this to the CSA and was told to see my MP as if I dont pay I will be taken to court! Please note I appealed and lost on the grounds that they no longer considered income and expenditure as a means test so if you work the best option is to pack it in and claim benefits.


  • chall says:


    Is your case calculated on old or new rules?

    Does the monthly amount you pay include any arrears?

    Do you receive Working Tax Credits OR any other income that can be used in the calculation?

    You may be able to get some help with your rent etc, the link below will take you to the benefits calculator.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • CSAman says:

    Another way to look at this:

    Since your boy left school, your ex’s income is no longer any of your business. What she earns, what benefits she receives, how much money she wins on the national lottery, what she does with her money -it’s immaterial.

    Your daughter on the other hand deserves a share of your prosperity. What rent you pay, what loans you take, what car you need -they’re all immaterial too.

    Child support is NOT about making sure that your children have the bare minimum to subsist, but to allow them to prosper from your endeavors, just as if you were all still living together as a family.

    Sure, pay not one penny more than you are expected to pay as a responsible parent, but don’t begrudge it just because your ex has more income than you. Such personal resentment obscures, delays, and exacerbates the MANY institutional failings that the CSA has.

  • Terry SCOTT says:

    CSAman is talking out his CSA arse. While no one with an once of sense would never want to deny they’re child a good life in any sense.

    The balance of financial child support is so offset against the father as the NRP, all reason of sense and emotional understanding is gone. It unfair to suggest or remind him of his responsibilities as the odds are stacked against him.

    Every time we hear people saying “its for the children” my god half the money never reaches the child at all. That’s the emotional blackmail by Govt PR, it makes me sick to hear fathers are bad and dead beat! we are not..we are hurting because of the damage and interference by others that destroys families.

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