I need to be earning £32K per annum to break even

January 5, 2014

I have just done up a CSA calculator for CSA2 and CSA3.

In my current predicament where I see my 2 kids 2 nights per week, I need to be earning £32000pa to break even, based on NETT = 0.65 of gross wages. £32000 is 25% more than the so called average wage is it not?

If I rent somewhere smaller, I will not be able to have my kids stay with me at all, so the money I save on rent will be paid out in CM. Not many ‘family’ places to rent for less than £540 pm anyway.

So what to do? Well, same as a lot of others ‘absent not by choice fathers’, I am going to sell my house, and leave my job, it seems to be the only way. Live on the dole in a bedsit, where by my calculations, I will be better off.

Not having broadband since I don;t have my kids anymore, not having Diesel to pay, not having Life Insurance(the kids will just have to be left nothing when I die). I won’t need house insurance, there’ll be nothing there to break/steal, no TV license to pay as I won’t have a TV, no rates to pay since I don’t own a bottomless money sucking pit any more, don’t need any bus fares since I won’t have any work to go to, not paying to have a car to drive to get my kids or leave them back again, and I won’t be able to afford a mobile phone to phone my kids and talk to them.

Food, electric, heat will just have to come out of the £63/week JSA (minus £7 for two kids), and even though I will be poor, and childless, and wondering how the Government could be so unfair to fathers who do NOT want to be absent, I’ll continue to give the finger to whomever thinks the CSA/CMEC is still a good idea!

Here is a ficticious breakdown, costs are real, salary £32000 is not real.
Item cost
Broadband / phone £40.00
child maintenance £247.62
Groceries / month £250.00
Personal Life Insurance £25.00
Diesel/petrol £78.00
House Insurance £22.00
Rent / Mortgage £540.00
Electricity £78.00
TV License £12.50
Rates £83.00
Bus / month £150.00

Car Loan £80.00
Mobile £30.00
Gym £0.00
Car Insurance £0.00
Lunches per month £40.00
Credit card £0.00
Heating Oil £50.00
Savings £0.00

Total costs £1,726.12
Pay / month £1,733.33
Total left per month. £7.21


  • Martyn W says:

    I can understand your frustration. I’m being ripped off by them too. The CSA do not care and will let you live in poverty quite happily though. I face redundancy in a couple of years so I will be happy to sit on the dole and be better off as a result until my kids are over 21.

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