I need the CSA to start helping

April 11, 2015

I have been dealing with the CSA for the past 15 years, in which time my ex-husband has accrued arrears in excess of £24,000.

My children are now grown up & have left home, but the money is still owed. The CSA have written to me several times over the past few months, giving me statements of payments made, and what is still outstanding.

My ex-husband is receiving letters on a regular basis, but keeps disputing the figures. The CSA are telling me that every time he contacts them he is disputing the figures, but are not giving me any answers as to what they are doing to resolve the issue.

I am getting very frustrated at not being given any tangible help from the CSA. Can anyone give me any help or advice as to what I can do to get a resolution to this situation?