I need prompt advice to avoid bankrupcy or jail

October 10, 2014


I need some prompt advice. The CSA have implemented a DEO against my pension and have also asked to investigate another pension of mine by October 21st. However, I am currently working on my appeal against the First Tier Tribunal who ruled in favour of PWC on June 2nd and took 14 weeks to issue the ‘Statement of Reasons’. How can the CSA issue a DEO when the Appeal has not yet been submitted never mind heard ?

Naturally I disagree with the Tier 1 decision, the Judge took no notice of anything I said or had submitted and merely quizzed me about what I had bought and sold over the past 6 years. He took no notice of the Private Agreement that I maintain was agreed following pressure from a judge in the Family Court which was followed by a Nil Assessment by CSA. Over 2 years later PWC sends loads of stalking info into the CSA and issues a new claim against me. The CSA have also used my current pension income and back dated the current level to 2010 – which means it is an inflated assessment as the pension was lower at that time.

No surprise I have no contact with my daughter and have been obstructed in the Family Court for 6 years in front of 8 judges. It seems PWC can do what she likes including ignoring orders for contact. Meanwhile having taken my daughter, my house, my savings and my income I am still being pursued for money. The CSA just dont seem to be bothered to investigate below the surface and find out what really has happened.

I am likely to go bankrupt (again) or possibly to jail. I believe it is completely wrong to be pursued for money when PWC has the assets, the money and the child and I have nothing. It seems they dont agree.

Any help appreciated


  • Bill says:

    Unfortunately their attitude is ” if you have any kind of income” including state benefits or private pensions you are liable to provide for your progeny until they start providing for themselves.

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