I need help with my court case against the CSA

May 9, 2014

I am now 73 years of age.I was divorced from my wife in 1993 with one child. CSA did an investigation and in 2000 and declaired that my contribution should be zero as I have taken more than 50% of the share and my financial circumtances.

In 2009 letter received from CSA dmanding £34000. And threating legal action and providing me with a direct debit mandate. I was hospitalised as result but was able to communicate and reduced it to £12000.

Legal action was initiated and unable to get get legal aid. I conducted the case myself was able to argue successfully and reduced it £4200. I did precise calculations as per CSA 2040. How evr tribunal was held in 2012 sugessted that if I do not accept shared care less than 50% resident parent will be liable for a serious claim.

I did complin in writing this black mailing technique. I accepted 3.3 days per week shared care. On that basis they calculated a figure of £4900.

Hearing was in March 26 past. Sheriff was busy with many interim cases, and spen less than five minutes with may case. He declared,Under section 33 he cannot enter into accuracy of the figures. I was reluctant to accept this figure but I was told that I had no alternative but I can complin to my MP.

I reffered to Mr.Justice Munby 2006. Section 33(4) ‘Court must proceed on the basis that the maintenance assessment in question was lawfully and properly made’ I requested a seperate hearing for expenses assuming that I had won by reducing it to much lower figure and this court action was premature.

Expenses was awarded to applicant which will come to 4 times the sum claimed. I have 4 days left to appeal against the decision. I need help to fill the appeal form. Please help.


  • jo says:

    Have you contacted nacsa? I didn’t think they could pursue old cases pre 2000 through the courts because of poor handling of data? Hopefully someone will come along with better advice. In cases like yours is what is wrong with the csa….is it a secretary of state debt by any chance?

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