I need help dealing with the CSA

April 28, 2010

My ex wife contacted the CSA on 15th October and started a claim against me at a time when I was on long term sick leave from work. I returned to work on 27th October 2009 having been off work for 15 months. The CSA rang me on 7th November and I explained I was, as yet, in receipt of NO income and they told me this would be a NIL claim. I did not receive any further contact from the CSA until 23rd march 2010 when they rang my mobile number. I was staying with my parents at the time on Wirral (I live in Lincolnshire) as I had received special leave to help my mother recover from a hospital appointment. They rang my mobile but the signal is always weak at my parents address. I stated I was moving to another part of the house or garden to get a better signal. In moving the line went dead. There was no number to return and no-one even bothered to to recall me. I had hoped there would be a message on my answerphone when I returned home but again nothing. There was no letter at all.

On returning last Friday from being away on a work course in Harrogate I collected two letters from the CSA. The first stating I had to pay £46 per week. the second letter stated how this money would be collected and that they stated “we’ve agreed that this money will be collected from your salary.” I have NOT agreed anything. they then state I will have a total of over £1288 collected from my salary over 4 months ON top of the normal £46 per week. When I spoke to the CSA twice on Friday evening, they stated that I had hung up on them but this is not true on the 23rd March as it was a bad signal and I stated this to them as the recording will prove. This didn;t stop a so-called case worked lying about me. The person speaking to me confirmed that there had been NO other communications to me by letter or telephone except on these two occasions and they agreed that the CSA had not followed internal procedures.

How do I do something about this and what rights do I have.

I have NO problem with paying the £46 per week but why should I pay arrears due to not being informed of anything since Nov 7th.

Second I am only liable for my son, Alexander who is 18 on June 18th this year. However his mother persuaded him to cancel his A levels and restart them as she would be able to claim off me till he is 19, a fact that I find abhorent. As my son is of such an age why can I not pay him directly. Finally he regularly stays at his girlfriend’s parent’s home and not with his mother, so why should I be paying her the full amount when he clearly does not live there all the time? When she left my home I had to buy her share of the house and she walked away with £91000. How does this square with the CSA. I also know she works cash in hand for my neighbours once a week and does not declare the income to the HMRC ye when I tell the CSA this they are not interested.

Please help me as if the CSA get their way over a third of my income will disappear from my salafry before any bills are made. My mortgage has risen from £60 per month prior to buying her share of the house from her and is now £526. I will not be able to pay other bills, fuel my car or afford to buy any food.

I am so desperate for help and any advice you can give would be gratefully received

thank you

Ian Davison