I may have to sell my property to make CSA payments

May 11, 2013

My former partner and i have a three year old child. One day she decided she no longer wanted to be with me, within two weeks of leaving she made a claim to the CSA. My dealing with the CSA was thatthey didnt care that it had only been two weeks nor that i had not had the chance to go to mediation. It felt liek the CSA just wanted my money and were on my her side. If you dispute anything people say your are trying to avoid making payments.

I may have to sell my property as i do not have the money to make the CSA payments as these inculded my overtime which is not guaranteed and on the months i dont do overtime i am left short. The system is unfair, i have to pay over £300 a month to the CSA, i would never have spent this much on him whilst he was living with me. I wanted to see my son more and when my ex found out that she could get more from me the less i had thats excatly what she did and denied me access. I am certain that my ex does not spend anywhere near £300 a month on my son. She doesnt have chilcare as her mum taked my son to work as she is a self employed cleaner (yes health and safety alert which my solicitor is dealing with). All i hear is that CSA is crap as they cannot get money out of fathers, I dont see it this way, i am willing to pay but it should be fair and reaosnable. My ex can afford to go out, go on holiday, day trips, buy my son presents. i cant do any of that and it if frustarting. My ex left me, I wanted a family, she wante dthe single life yet as mums always do they think the child should be with them even if they want to be going out getting drunk every weekend.


  • Dan says:

    Totally with you on this, have exactly the same situation where having to make monthly payments which is way ott and can’t ever afford to treat my son to anything.
    Myself and another guy on here are trying to arrange a petition etc….email me
    [email protected]
    I can then get you in touch with the guy that’s organising it.

  • Sally says:

    Salvetore…. It doesn’t get any better I’m afraid…. The CSA don’t care about you or your child…. As long as they are processing payments they are happy….the more they can get from you the better and they will do what it takes to get include lying!!

    Two of their employees have been sent to prison for stealing money from hard working NRPs and we are supposed to respect them….

    My partner and I put all our assets in my name because of the CSA and his greedy ex….. He became a student and his ex now gets £5 a week!! It wasn’t worth his time working when the CSA were making up fictitious arrears….

    I don’t know if things will ever change because its been going on for over 20 years 🙁 it’s terrible….

  • Sally says:

    @ melinda, I appreciate what you are saying but going to court doesn’t work so its money wasted!! The PWC can ignore the court order and there is nothing the NRP can do except go back to court time and time again… 🙁 and still nothing happens….

  • Lisa says:

    Disgusting, make a.complaint, your ex sounds like a gold digging bitch, shame you couldt get her to make a private arrangement, join our facebook group child support agency rip offs, we can give you sound advice, fight back or your doomed to a life of nothing but a life of poverty

  • Carrie says:

    Welcome to the CARING world of the CSA(NOT !) Lets hope enough of us speak up about this organisation.They will believe who ever ensures they will get the most money in!!Usually the pwc !! You sound like caring DAD who really wanted to make your relationship work. Sadly, the pwc believes she will be better off on her own which financially she will be. Do they think of the childrens welfare NO! They let debt build up and then hit you with it years later (WE had been paying the pwc direct but despite having all the bank statements they believe the pwc)I do hope you don’t have to suffer such blatant disregard for your welfare for the next 17 years.DO the government realise how biased the assessments are- when pwc’s can all the ctc,wtc,cben,free things like dental care ,prescriptions etc when the nrp’s cant because they calculate your income as it is BEFORE the pwc gets the CM? A tip for you ..always have everything in writing because if you ask for the recordings of your phonecalls to them for something specific you can be sure they will have ‘lost’ it !Surely someone will take this to the European Court of Human rights soon. Media like newspapers,TV aren’t allowed to get involved. WHY ?

  • eddie says:

    all ………………… there has to be a way forward…. and for us to be heard we need to shout louder and together.

    This agency offer nothing but abuse of parents both the NRP and the PWC and breed dependancy…………… CSA assessments is an issue that I really want to take forward and I want to start groups across the country both for support and to collate evidence against this oppression. feel free to contct me at [email protected] if you want to be heard everyone is wanted everone is needed.

  • Jason M says:

    We are all in the same boat fella. But like somebody stated on this forum, until WE ALL STICK TOGETHER, MARCH, RALLY AGAINST THE CSA…The govt will do piss all!! I have signed the e-petition and it had 37 names on there, at the last count! It’s frustrating that so many of us come on here and moan, and that is not complaint, it’s just our frustrations and weaknesses showing. We really need to get together and set something in motion. If this was France….they would have had an uprising, a revolution by now!…. We brits need to start fighting for our rights, nobody is gonna do it for us. So LETS START THIS THING NOW, if it takes 6 months, 1, 2 years…let’s have it!!

  • Macon says:

    Non payment brought the poll tax down if you could get 1000 people to pay there ex by check for 1 month the CSA couldn’t deal withe the extra work its would get it into the papers and start a ground swell of suport !!!!!

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