I love to know what the hell goes on at the CSA

May 6, 2013

My eldest daughter will turn 20 at the end of this year (November), she finished her last college term in June 2012 and has been in full time employment since August 2012 and has not lived with the parent with care for the last 4 months.

I rang the CSA in September of 2012, in the understanding that although her college course had ended in June , the assessment was valid until the start of a new college term. They took my details and told me they would start a change of circumstances assessment. Two months later after no correspondence I rang back, my details had not been updated and my reassessment was not being handled. The girl on the phone blamed the last person I spoke to for the problem and assured me thngs were in hand.

To cut a long story short, 5 phone calls later i actually get a final payment date of 14th May 2013, hurray you might think, but no, now I’m having phone calls from the CSA arrears dept to tell me that I will be contacted regarding arrears on my assessment. I have my CSA stopped via a detachment of earnings and have not missed a payment( even when I was laid off in 2009 with no pay they took the full amount owed when I started back at work).Anyhow, they ring me whilst im at work and can’t answer the phone, even though i told them my work hours, and when i ring the arrears number back it tells me the number will not recieve incoming calls, I love to know what the hell goes on at the CSA and do they realise the impact on peoples lives by thier actions.


  • Mike Hunt says:

    Hi chief.. You were not liable to pay CSA whilst out of work. The CSA will try to con you into thinking you should be paying. I rang when I was out of work and they told me the same. I contacted the Citizens Advise Bureau and they explained as I had no income I was not liable to pay. You can appeal years back (mine was approx. eight years ago). Did they notify you that you could appeal?? I have an appeal in two weeks time.. Will try keep you posted.. Pay the CSA Data protection unit ten pounds and they will send you all the info including the letters previously sent telling you how much you should pay & when.. Then request an up to date breakdown of all your payments. You will receive a statement littered with errors which will not tie up with letters requested under data protection act which say how much your payments are.. As these will not marry up contact anyone who will listen. Your MP may be a good idea.

    Good Luck,

  • stuart says:

    yup csa will lie and amend your file badly, yet the government allow it to carry on ruining the economy and causing an entire generation of kids with no fathers in their lives, no wonder the kids rioted Cameron and Clegg get your noses out the trough and sort this shower out. jail the fraudelent scumbags.

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