I lost everything thanks to CSA miscalculation

July 11, 2015

my son went to live with his dad at 16 , he didnt like my disapline, which left myself and my daughter at home , i was supporting my daughter through collage as well as she was 19 . my ex husband used to pay me £34 a week for our 2 children. When my son left csa said i had to pay £29 a wk just for my son , but because our daughter wa 19 my ex didnt have to pay any csa for her and he didnt and didnt even helpto support her at all .

I asked my ex if he would lower it as i couldnt afford to live paying that much and would end up loosing the house , myself and our daughter lived in. Him n his wife wouldnt , so i had to work 6 days a week but ended up ill and dispite many times asking csa for help to lower it they wouldnt , i ended up with £125 a month to live on for me and my daughter , in the end i lost evertything , the house , the kids home , everything! they have finally said i should have been paying £12 a week since march , im still waiting for the refunded money but meanwhile …. iv lost my home and my job ! . CSA are a waste of time !