I look after 8 children but CSA still want money from me

July 2, 2012

First of all i would just like to say i have read some of the stories and feel sick that the csa are robbing people of their money.

Well here goes my story.

I have custody of my 4 daughters and my partner also has 4 children totaling 8 children in our house. I also have another daughter that lives in Scotland over 500 miles away from where i live in Portsmouth. Not only am i not aloud to see this daughter but i am not even aloud to speak to her on the phone. The mother has just made a claim against me to csa.

Now normally this would not matter to me as i am happy to pay for my child no matter what the circumstances are. But,and a very big but it is,I only work part time and earn £120 a week. Myself and my partner receive child tax credits for the 8 children we have living with us and i am expected to pay £63 a week to the csa for this child. Is this right? If myself and my partner were in receipt of jsa we would only get £5 a week less than we do now and i would only have to pay csa £5 a week for my child that lives in Scotland because i would be in receipt of a benefit.

This has caused so many problems in my house that i have now had to move out of the home and leave my biological children with their step mum as we cant afford to live if i am their and paying £63 a week to another child. Please if anyone has any advise for me it would be greatly received. From man missing his family and wants to go home. Thanks for listening and good luck to all.


  • chall says:


    ‘I have custody of my 4 daughters’ – Do you receive maintenance for your children?

    ‘my partner also has 4 children’ – Does your partner receive maintenance for her children?

    As you have stated you have left your family home, how are you managing on £120pw or are you claiming WTC based on your own circumstances?

    At present NRP’s on an income over £200pw means they are liable to pay 15% for 1 Qualifying child, after a reduction for the children living in the non resident parents household has been applied, in this case 25%.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alyssa says:

    How much tax credits do you earn having 8 children? Crikey, yes of course you should pay for your natural child you have chosen to have another four children and take on someone else’s 4 , I am sorry but your earlier child should not loose out. It annoys me that you should think that it’s unfair!

  • Sarah says:

    To be paying £63 out of your £120 earnings makes me think you must have built up substantial arrears with the CSA. If this is the case then I’m afraid you only have yourself to blame.

    My son’s father is living with his new partner and her son and they have a baby of their own on the way and his CSA contributions to me are set to decrease because he is/will be ‘responsible’ for 2 dependents (even though the father of his partner’s son pays over £200/mth in CSA contributions). I can’t understand why my son should suffer purely because his father chooses to look after someone else child.

  • Carol says:

    CSA will take your tax credits into account for maintenance purposes as income dependent on who is the main earner.

    Have the CSA taken into account the 8 children you provide for?

    I am sorry you have had to live apart because of it – I am currently having the same argument with the CSA. I cannot understand why they put such huge assessments in place which would mean you are better off not working. It is crazy that this happens. Me and my partner are almost pushed into poverty and can barely afford food with the amount CSA are leaving him with and unfortunately huge deductions like this are not accounted for for tax credits etc.

    And in case people are wondering I have been on both sides of the Agency as a pwc for 11 years who got nothing in maintenance and now living with an nrp and it is much much worse being on the nrp side.

  • jonathon foran says:

    Just to set the record straight i got custody of my 4 daughters in 2008 ( the ones that live with me) my partner at the time ended up pregnant and when she had the baby she moved over 500 miles away as she could not cope with being a step parent. i have paid her mutually up until june 2012 for my daughter who is just turned 3 and she stopped cause i couldn’t afford to help her with extra money that she needed for a few weeks and i have not built up any arrears that is what they want per week starting from 15th june 2012 so before you make comments like ” it annoys you cause i think its unfair” get the facts first

  • chall says:


    You state your liability has been calculated at £63 pw and includes no arrears or shared care/contact reductions.

    The figure will be based on your income which, in fact, must be around £560 per week ie;
    £120 pw (£6240.00 pa) your earnings
    £440 pw (£22880.00) from Tax Credits
    – child benefit of around £114.10 pw ( £5933.20 pa) for 8 children and any housing benefit + CSA for the other QC etc, will not be included as income.

    As your daughter has just turned 3 and the CSA have not become involved until 2012, I assume your ex was employed, as a full benefit disregard did not come into force until April 2010, does she pay CS for the 4 children that live with you?

    Does your partner receive maintenance for her 4 children from their father?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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