I look after 4 children, yet CSA wants my money for someone else

April 5, 2012

I’m a father of 5 children. And only one is over the csa i still live with four of them. The csa want to take 476.58 a month which i can not afford due to having the four other children and rent etc to pay. My main concern is at the moment the csa are not taking anything into consideration and i also think the amount i owe is not right. I have always paid four all my children.

I have even had my eldest over night when he was younger. He is 18 yrs old and because his mum is claming benefits and has been since my son was two she is now scared she will get done for not letting the social now she and my son are saying i haven’t contributed to his up bring.

I hope you can help and i hear from you soon


  • jay. says:

    Is your 18 in full time education? When did the claim start, if its old rules all your outgoings should be put into consideration, we had this trouble and they failed to note we had two dependents at home, said we didn’t notify them….my reply why wouldn’t I not say? Write a letter marked complaints and go see your mp with your concerns. Good luck.

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