I just want what is owed to me

February 17, 2015

Hi i sick of trying get my money out of my ex its been ilke this years owns me about 5 to 6 grand.

Now time to get it 4 me or have to take it to court sick having to run after it i done it 4 years was paying me 10 pound a week then when up to 43 a week now gone backto 10 pound a week he working sa hoildays in sun but cant pay my money what own me cant get it out of him.

Now ppl slagg csa of now i no y cas not happy 1 bit need lot more than 10 pound aweek and sick of ring csa and them lot say i ring u back but it never do ring me back told them ring me betwen 12 1230 on my break in work if dont pick up can do voice mail of ring after 430 just what what xs ows me.


  • gonk says:

    ITS NOT YOUR MONEY. Its your kids. Tell the csa to do one. they will just make you more angry. its a well known and widely reported on this site as others as well, that the csa withhold payments in order to amass millions in interest as it sits in their client fund account. Then they bullshit you and the nrp telling you both, no money has been received into their account…they are wankers…keep away from them and try coming to a private arrangement that you will have to do one day when you move over to CMS. If you cant make your own arrangements? You will both be charged to use the shite service…as usual the nrp will be screwed the higher amount charge.

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