I just want to support my daughter

November 7, 2014

Hi all any advice welcome. I have paid voluntary maintainence for my daughter for the past twelve years without fail. All was good until she turned 18 in September when I thought it would be a good idea to make payments direct to my daughter instead of her mother.

This didn’t go down well and to cut a long story short my ex has gone to the cma. It’s my understanding that as my daughter is over 18 for it to be a valid claim she must be in full time education ( more than an average of 12 hours per week ) however I know that she is only attending supervised study for 7 hours per week.

I have told child benefit of this. I have told the cma that she isn’t in full time education at which point they phoned my ex and asked her. Her response was that she was indeed in full time education. They have come back to me telling me to get verification from the school as to the hours of tuition my daughter is receiving and forward it to them.

I am at present trying to get this from the school but so far I have been unable get someone from the school to return my calls.

My question is I suppose is it as simple as me proving that my daughter is not doing an average of 12 hrs supervised study for this to go away?

So I can return to my original plan of supporting her directly.


  • Bill says:

    As long as child benefit is in payment the CSA will consider the the child to be a dependent under the care of the PWC. You need to prove ineligibility to the child benefit office under HMRC.

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