I just want my well-to-do ex to pay his fair share

January 7, 2015

My ex is an architectural surveyor and capeable of earning 6 figures..I have his accounts for the year he left us and he took 84K as a wage.

After he left he had our house repo’d and refused to pay child support..he changed his accountant and within weeks his income had dropped to less than £104 per week.

He is director of 2 thriving Ltd companies (his wife is also director – recently added within the past year)..he owns and live in a 6 bed exec house, they both drive new cars with personalised plates and holiday abroad several times a year…and he pays £5 a week for our 2 kids (£2.50 each).

Dealing with the CSA is a nightmare. They have done a criminal compliance investigation on him a few years ago (which took 2 years) but sadly, he had posed as a friend of mine to me online and knew he was being investigated 🙁 That pulled up nothing.

I have constantly pleaded with the CSA to help me, to see sense..how can they live the way they do if he’s poor enough to be claiming benefits? They tell me the “complexities involved in being self employed” are why he has to only pay the flat rate..my partner is also self employed and we couldnt live half as well as my ex and his wife do..maybe we need his accountant?

I am now requesting forensic accounts and that his wifes accounts are looked into. How is this fair?

I dont want a fortune, I dont want to break him, I just want some financial help raising OUR 2 children.

I pity all those other NRP’s who have AOE’s etc and genuinly cant afford it.


  • Lisa says:

    Omg another greedy nasty bitch! Why would you want another woman to pay for your kids as well as trying to financially cripple your ex? Make do with what you get remember some people get nothing, if you don’t already work may be an idea to get a job

  • Louise Peach says:

    Lisa..sorry I didn’t mention that he DOESN’T pay for our kids. The most he has ever paid is £5 a week flat rate (and some of these payments were missed). He owes £3500 arrears as well (from just after he left me when the CSA made an assessment before he changed accountants :/

    Becky..I’m hoping that forensic accounts will sort something out.

    Neil..He sees the kids every 3 weeks (his choosing as he moved away from them)..this is soon to increase to every 2 weeks 🙂
    I don’t “think” I should have anything he cant afford but anything would be a help and his lifestyle is far from one of poverty.

  • Louise Peach says:

    I also worked (unpaid) for his company..which was denied by him but I have emails from clients proving otherwise.
    I have to fight hard.
    He has had 2 more kids who have a privileged life.
    I owe it to his 2 older children, who I am mother to. I have to fight so they can have a life they deserve. Thanks for your nice reply Fadela…I think perhaps the venomous reply of Lisa says she is one of the “other women” who, in my opinion should understand that a man with kids when they meet should provide for his kids and if these other women cant get their heads around that then go for childless guys! x

  • guessagain says:

    Lisa, the only nasty bitch i’m seeing here is you. With such a vile comment. Read the post properly and you’ll see she doesn’t want another woman to pay for her kids, she wants the kids FATHER to pay towards their up keep. Kids cost a hell of a lot more than £2.50 a week… why should he have been able to leave and pay nothing towards his children? She said she didn’t want to brake him, just for him to pay his share… you need a little consideration towards other people.

  • Louise Peach says:

    Yes Simon he sees his kids..I have not stopped him. He chooses when. Sadly, his family holidays and new family take precident though.
    No he does not buy them clothes or provide anything for them.
    In fact, this is the first year he has bought them Xmas presents since he left! They were thrilled!

  • CSA Warrior says:

    hes a man bitch. However the fact is the CSA are the most incompetant organisation ever created. I would sugggest a direct route which is speak to him directly with a view that you will close the CSA case. in return for a written agreement. If he breaches that agreement then it will be a matter for the courts.

    with this agreement you will effectively have the same power as the CSA including the authority to seek a liability order. whichg can lead to bailiffs taking stuff from his business or even home.

    you must havw somewhere in tthe agreement that he intends to be legally bound by the agreement.

    a word of caution is I hope that louise peach is not your real name. not that its a bad name but I shouldnt know it if you see my point

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