I ignored the CSA’s letter and hoped it would go away

March 27, 2013

I stopped paying the c.s.a. on the 19 02 2011 for mydaughter thinking that was the last of them I had gone through a lot with them but in the end I had caught up with all my payments and every thing that goes with it I had been paying them for years .

Just into the new year 2013 I had a phone call from the c.s.a explaining to me that I owe them £48.00 for some missed payment , I did ask them to write me a letter explaining to me where and when this happend .

I received a letter 2 weekes later not really explaining much to me ,so I just ignored it hopeing it would go away . Then last month 16 01 2013 a nasty letter came through the post a£1000,00 fine will be heading my way if I don’t pay up

My problem is 2years on and they still want money out of me when is it going to stop


  • lisa says:

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  • stuart says:

    Tell them to evidence the arrears or bugger off, ask for your complete file and breakdown of payments as you believe the arrears are due to maladministration, write to your MP and then when the CSA have spent 3k of taxpayers money chasing £48. They will write it off as it was their fault after all.

  • chall says:


    They won’t go away…

    Write to the CSA and request a complete account breakdown (payments due, made and dates) from them. Keep copies of all correspondence and post signed for delivery.

    If you request your Data Protection file and a complete breakdown there is a £10 fee.

  • Gary says:

    I Think we all have a story to tell of the c.s.a and their phantom arrears, I would imagine that some where in their crooked department they’ll have a larger arrears bill waiting for you.
    my case ended years ago and I got hit with a phantom arrears bill of £4.000 the problem was that my paperwork for the same time period stated I was paying what I was suppose to pay so their shouldn’t have been any arrears.
    The judge even told me I had a clear case for dispute but he passed the liability order anyway because the c.s.a know that they can invent any figures they want that exceed 3K and a liability orders automatic regardless off proof and you’ve got no say in the matter because that’s the system.
    Yes the c.s.a are the biggest file fixing operation on the planet where the out come of everyone’s case is basically RIGGED.
    Like I stated earlier my case ended years ago and my two daughters are now 30 and 27 and I’m still paying been on the phone to them and believe it or not both times they cant even find my file but someone can because they are still taking money from the bank and I’ve never missed any payments.
    I was suppose to be paying for two not buying two
    I hate the c.s.a with a passion.

  • carol says:


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