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I have to pay £400 a month because of their mistake

Hi I broke up with my ex in April 2013 cause she was cheating on me again . And then two months after that I received a letter from csa saying to pay regular payments which I don’t have a problem with I have a 2 year old son, as I looked through the letter I contacted csa for further advise and they told me how to pay and what way I could do ect, all I had to do is wait for a calculation and when it would be set up so I waited a few month I had nothing back from them so I contacted them again and they said the paper work is still in Peterborough

So I waited an waited they never contacted me and then I called them again because I was getting so much grief off the ex saying I can’t see my son till I start paying so I contacted them yet again it was now December 2013 I spoke to a woman an she said they made a mistake an she also said it’s all back dated and I will have to pay 400 a month to catch up. So now I can’t pay my rent And on the verge of losing my job because of there mistake is there any help please

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  1. Beware they told me they made a mistake and they spent a year taking £200 a month they should not have.
    They laughed when I said I would get my MP to sort it out and said he would not be able to do anything.
    Spent 5 years asking my MP to get my money back after all the CSA admitted they made a mistake.
    My MP said he couldn’t get my money back, so basically the CSA can make as many mistakes as they like in their favour and these people who make so many mistakes have the power to take money out your wages without warning.

  2. Hi there today i go to my Lawyer as my dad whom i havnt seen or spoke to in five years stopped paying for me and my sister. My sister was just 16 when he stopped and i was 18 but still at college until i was 22. He moved abroad so we couldnt take him to court and i found him on and see that he lives in England now. This means legal aid will pay for us to pursue him. I just wondered giving that he has a great job 4 cars and a huge house etc will he pay us both in full payment? He has brought my cousin up as his own daughter and pays for her holidays and everything. Find it all so unfair when the last thing he said to me and my sister was that my auntie comes first and he wouldnt give us the address. Hope he rots. Money is all that hurts im and he has went against the court order of paying until end of secondary or end of full time education.

  3. Hi Charlotte, wow your mum did a good job with you, its all about money to some people. You were 16 and 18 then he stopped and yet you go on like he didnt pay you a thing. You can really tell that all you want from your dad is his assests, thats quite shameful, sounds like your as bad as he is. Suppose that’s karma. At 16 you can get a job and be self- suportive, if you’re living with your mum you don’t have the expense of rent or a mortgage. Time to stop relying on Daddy and get a job like the rest of us.

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