I have paid nearly £2000 for a child that wasnt mine

June 25, 2011

I really need some advice.

Just recently i have had a DNA test done by Cellmark which confirmed that the child i have thought was mine for a year and a half is not.

I have been paying child maintenance since July 2010 but have now stopped since the results came back. I have paid a total of £1850. Now i have sent several letters to the CSA telling them that i want this money back however i have now been told that if i did not dispute parentage from the beginning then the are not liable to refund me the money. Basically saying that i have just blown nealy £2000 on a child that isnt mine.

Can i take them to court over this or should i go after my ex??


  • sapman says:

    well , its looks like you have just added to there account !!! do u seriously think they will pay back !! i feel for you , but these scum will hide behind every lie and con going

    ask them how they would feel if they had been conned out of 2k and they hide behind sorry sir , thats irrelevant we just going by the rules

    so if you counter attack against fraud and giving false details by ur ex i`m sure they would have some answer

    welcome to our world !!

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