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I have now been pushed to my wits end with the CSA!

I have now been pushed to my wits end with the Csa !!!

My eldest son is 8 and me and his mum split bad . After getting me arrested by the police, slagging me off to everyone, I had to walk away, before I lost my sanity, and .as my friend said, wait for him to come looking for me and explain, rather then self destructing

I spent a small fortune on solicitors and was able to see my son once via a contact centre, not allowed to take any photos, because she had said ! She then up sticks, sold everything and disappeared ( and got married to her new partner within 6 months once I was out of the picture )

I’ve never forgotten my son, his only photos I have are still pride of place on my wall and his name and date of birth are tattooed on my back :o), but have moved on with my new partner.

For 5 years I heard nothing, then my partner got pregnant and my ex suddenly came out of the blue on facebook.

I played it polite with her, should have worked out something was up when I asked if I could have a new photo of our son, she claimed that she didn’t have any on the computer ! Said to her does she need any money, which she said no to, I even said that I was more then willing to give her50 pounds a week, any thing my son needed buying for our son on top with no strings about access to our son, but hoped she would let me. Again, she said no. Gave her my mobile number and she claimed she didn’t have one.

Within 24 hours I had csa phoning me saying they wanted money, were leaving me with less then 100 pounds a week to support me, my newborn son and my stepson I’ve brought up since he was 6 months old !!!

After much arguing with them and my ex never tlking to me again except to slag me off, I cleared the arrears and haven’t paided for two months since changin my new job, they now reckon I owe them 1400, meanin 700 pounds a month csa payement !!!

I only earn 17000 per annum, how does that figure then ??? Let alone I changed jobs ( which is the reason I stopped paying ), which now pay me 500 less a year but I get weekends to spend with my family

Spoke to them this morning, no use what so ever, apparently , my stepson, my DNA son with my new partner don’t count as she does not claim via csa and she would only be able to claim for my youngest if I want that taken into account !!! WTF !!!

They wont take into account my outgoings , I pay 350 rent, 160 car insurance, phone bill 38, cable bill 60, let alone food, fuel and day to day cost. Was told that all of this is classified as luxury’s, and would not be counted, I don’t care if they won’t count it, if I don’t pay it, my credit goes out the window, and am I allowed to say to the bailiff when they turn up, “sorry, I don’t have to pay this as the csa said this isn’t really legal contracts that I signed to pay for a service, so it doesn’t count !!!

So as it stands now, I’ve gotta wait for then to contact me again to discuss my case,this after they just took 500 pounds out of my wages, when I gotta support my family for another month, pay 500 pounds to get my partners car back from the garage ( she lives in countryside and needs the car for my youngest has health issues ).

All this and my ex still won’t let me have contact with my son, really don’t know what to do, am on the verge of giving up work as can not afford to pay this stupid amount they want and live !!!
I Am 39 and always worked and have no problem with paying towards my eldest son ( and hope she’ll let me have contact ) !Have looked at solicitors to gain access to my son, but no way I can afford it !!! Any advice from people would be helpful, am really stressed with this and feel like giving up once and for all, it’s onlt the thought of my 3 kids that keeps me going on a daily basis at the moment, but this arguement with csa is gonna be stress yet again !!!

Sorry for it being so winded, but the csa and vendictive exs never make anything easy :o(

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  1. hi there. lets break this down.

    1) you state you earn £17000. is this before of after tax?
    a) if its after then your csa payment per month should be £39 pw based on what information you have given
    b) if its £17000 minus tax, then it should be £32 pw. these figures came from the government calculator …..

    please note the csa can only work out the payments from when they contact you( I believe) so you should not have any arrears from before this time.

    as to your current family not counting, bullshit!!.

    contact you MP They can really help

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