I have contacted my MP but can I do anything else?

November 13, 2012

My son is now 25. He and his younger had a period of living with there father. During this time I paid the csa. My younger son then came to live with me. The csa were informed by myself and my ex.

They stopped taking the payments. Now. 9 years later they are hounding me for arrears for my older son. I never received a penny for my younger son when he lived with me. During that year when we had one child each surely one would cancel out the other? It wasn’t me that stopped paying they stopped taking the money.

I can’t believe after all this time they are hounding me. My son has a child of his own now and my ex maintains he has had nothing to do with this. I have contacted my mp but is there anything else I can do?


  • Carol says:

    Yes. Get a copy of your file from the Data Protection Unit, CSA Newcastle. This will contain all information held by the Agency. The CSA charge a small fee of £10 for this and they have 40 days to provide you with this. Also ask for a statement breakdown which will show which assessments were in place and when, and also how much you paid.

    Although it is good to have your MP involved, don’t rely on their help alone. In my partner’s case it was a gateway to get matters further sorted out.

    Could it be that any arrears are due because the parent with care was in receipt of benefits so the money is maybe due to the Secretary of State?

  • j says:

    “I have contacted my MP but can I do anything else?

    November 13, 2012”

    YES, join al qaeda, invest heavily in weapons of mass destruction, start a fatwah against ian duncan smith?

  • Carol says:

    haha J – sad thing is it would probably be easier to join al quaeda than sort out the shambles the CSA make!!!!!!!!

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