I have cancer and still CSA want money

July 9, 2010

Here is my story.

It starts with the csa demanding 198 POUNDS per week. After numerous arguments with them about me not being able to afford this, to them not giving a damn, they took me to court who passed it to a ballif. This was 2 years ago.

I have to pay 120 pounds per month. This was fine and i have never missed a payment. Then 8 weeks ago i was diagnosed with cancer and was put on the box from work so i could start my treatment. I spoke to the baliffs and they told me i would need to prove this before they would consider reduceing my payments, so a week later i had a letter from my consultant and phoned them back. I have have now started my chemo, which is very hard and makes me feel very ill. I also can prove that i have cancer yet the balliff has shut the door in my face. They have told me there is nothing they can do and nothing they will do. I asked them how am i supposed to pay when i am on the sick from work. Their reply was not my problem, you still have to pay.

When i asked the baliff a few questions he got very abuesive with me. He refused to answer my questions and terminated the phone call.

Would be great if anybody out there has any advice they can give me. Am getting very stressed out about this as a payment is due soon and i cant afford to pay as i have had to use my money for hospital appointments for parking and petrol, my car insurance so i can get to the hospital for my chemo.

I also have 2 children and a wife who lives with me. One’s my stepson the other is my son. My wife has had to take unpaid leave from work to help care for me. All we are getting is 79 pounds sick pay and 91 pounds child tax credits. We have still got to pay bills and feed 4 out this money and still pay the baliff.

I almost forgot i cost me 4000.00 pounds court fees for me to fight to see my children as my ex stopped me seeing them in the begining of all this when we first seperated. I was paying her money then she phoned the csa and thats when the fun really started


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