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I have been through hell and back but to her this is just a game

Hi I’m a 43yr old male, I am the main carer of my 2 girls ages 7&8yrs. I have them 7 days per week but overnight stays are 4 nights per week and work 3 days.

I don’t receive any child benefit my ex wife still gets that and forms part of the agreement we have.

I met this woman from hell after my divorce and lied to me about being on the pill and as a result become pregnant. She done her best to shake me off and get rid of me and eventually couldn’t take her emotional abuse anymore.

She cut off all ties with me but I tried to keep I’m contact as told her I want to help and support her but ignored all my letters which I sent signed for delivery. I had to instruct a solicitor to act for me and ended up paying £93 per month to legal aid which I couldn’t really afford.

She refused a DNA test in court and wouldn’t let me see the little boy. I finally got to meet him at a contact centre when he was 13 months old. Still no DNA test, Csa refused me a test and put a deduction of earnings order on me, I’m not on the birth cert either and on low income and get tax credit.

The Csa won’t recognise my 2 girls live with me as I’m not claiming the child benefit but are happy to include my child tax credit I get for them to give to my criminal ex girlfriend who is a benefits cheat and doesn’t work.

I don’t know what to do I am left with not enough money to live on and my children that live with me are going to suffer. All I wanted was to have DNA test to see if he was my son and give the support to my son that he needs but my ex is only in it for the money and won’t co-operate in any way, I have been through hell and back with all this and to her this is just a game.

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  1. If you disputed parentage at the start of the claim then a dna test should of been granted by the csa, if she refuses then the case should close. I would either request your case file to see if you were offered or declined a test or see your mp. You can go to court
    to request a dna test also, it’s highly suspect that she refuses to one whuch would have my alarm bells ringing. You really do need to get this sorted, more so for the little boy and then take it from there. Best of luck.

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