I have been criminalised while she can go against a court order

August 8, 2013

My partner left with my son in 2004, I went to court to get access and after 4 months was granted 4 days a month – weekends – due to my job at the time.

In 2007 I had was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder and my partner closed all visiting rights for a time, as I had also lost my job, my house and pretty much everything else. I was living on the street for about 18 months.

I have now started working (on a zero hours contract) and I earn minimum wage, but its work, When I was able to, I went to my ex-partners house to make representations to see my son, to discover she had moved – this was in 2010. I have had no contact from the CSA until June this year, when they contacted me and stated I was to pay £400 a month to them, I explained that I work on a zero hours contract and that I cannot guarantee work as the people I work for do not always have work, they told me they have a court order to recover all the money I could have earned – when I told them I had been homeless, they were not interested. My employer has been really helpful but this month I have had no work and will not have any for another four weeks. I have made eighteen calls to the CSA this week and repeatedly get a phone message saying they will call back – No calls have been received.

They have declined to tell me if my partner is even resident within the UK and as such I have yet to see my son.

I am criminalised yet she can go against a court order…