I have asked both Government bodies to speak to each other but I’m getting nowhere

April 24, 2013

my son is 18 years old and has enrolled to go to college to further his education but after 2 months he now does not attend the college but as my ex wife is still claiming child benifit the csa say i still have to pay for him no matter how many times i contact the csa to tell them he is not attending college they wont listen i have contacted the child support but they will not listen to me as i am the pwc. I have asked both goverment bodies to speak to one another but getting nowhere what else can i do ?


  • wilf says:

    George:- Ask the CSA to check whether the QC is in receipt of any benefit.
    They will do nothing as long as child benefit is in payment to the PWC.
    Ask the child benefit agency (HMRC) to check if the QC is working or not.
    If not working or in receipt of benefits the QC will still need your support.

  • Macon says:

    Same problem George , My ex has been claiming child benifit and my son was working even after my ex was found out to have committed benifit fraud it tough shit as child benifit you still have to pay . I stoped my standing order and got my MP involved put in a complaint and told the CSA if the arrested my wages they were taking money under false pretences and were allowing a crime to be committed and I would call the police ! There have been a 14 month stand off and depending who I speak to my case is closed or I am due 3000 quid ! GET YOUR DATA PROTECTION PRINTS AND GET YOUR MP INVOLVED EMAIL AND SEND A LETTER RECORDERED DELIVERY DO NOT SPEEK TO THE CSA ON THE PHONE .

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