I have a bill for £20,000 even though my son is now 22

June 23, 2013

In the year 1999, close to the new year, my ex wife started an affair with someone i9 believed to be a friend, he had served with me in the forces and had a wife who was pregnant. On the eve of the new year for the millenium, i was asked to provide a karaoke for a pub, for a decent sum of money so agreed and my ex wife would join me during the evening with my son who was 9 years old. When my ex wife failed to turn up, i returned home to find she had gone leaving only a letter and the wedding video in the player. her wedding dress was hanging up in the bedroom in plain sight. After reading the letter, everything fell into place.

I left it a short time then visited her parents to try to find out what had gone on only to be told that i would get whats coming to me. Eventually i found out that she had een seeing this bloke for some time. I waited one evening to see for myself and after confronting them, was assaulted by the bloke and even tho two security personel saw the assault,lice seemed to lose the p the paperwork in reference to the case against him.

I fought for my son in court and was basically ignored as they gave my ex custody of my son stateing that i should see him every other weekend and half of school holidays, a thing that never occured properly as my ex would send theice to the house stateing i was not treating him wel poll enough. It was not too long a period before the csa began causeing me grief and still are. i have been paying what i agreed and have been told now that the bill is up to 20,000 even though my son is 22 and my ex now works for the csa so i am told,. i was firstly told the bill was 13,000 but it has now increased causeing me a lot of distress as i believe that it was her that brought about the resentment and deciept that i have been punished for..