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I hate the CSA so much

I have a 4 year old son. From the day I found out my ex partner was pregnant. I was so proud to be his father. I went and purchased boxes and boxes of nappies, I purchased clothes, wipes, milk, and when he was born, he couldn’t of needed nothing else.

Shortly after my son was born, me and my ex partner broke up. However, This did not stop me from providing for my son as I should and this did not stop me from seeing my son on a regular basis and having a close bond with him. I would give her money religiously every month without fail.

I have her pretty much as much as my wallet would allow me to give. But she always wanted more. She always complained that she was unable to pay her bills and the money I was giving her wasn’t enough.

I have her £200-250 a month and I don’t earn much. I earn just over £1,000 a month. I still have to do my food shopping, pay my rent, put fuel in my car and cover all the rest of my bills. But she didn’t care. She wants the shirt off my back and the food out of my mouth.

About a year ago, I found myself temporarily unemployed and I explained to her that I cannot give her no money until I got back into work. She got so angry at the fact I went from not giving her as much as she wanted to not giving her anything, she’s called the CSA and opened up a case against me.

I’m a good father and I have no issue with providing for my child, however I do have an issue with paying a government agency that is going to take a cut out of the money.

I hate the CSA so much and more than anything want to get them off of me.

I have another child now. But they say that they will not take my other child into consideration if I my current partner does not come forward and give evidence. However if she does this, it may interfere with her benefits, and I’m struggling to pay as much as I am for both children at the moment.

I feel the CSA does not play fair. Please somebody help me, how do I get the CSA out of my life for good??

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  1. I can only advise this. Sort things out with your ex.

    That’s not working?…ok, there are other options. I don’t know what you do for a living but if you start your own company then that’s your ticket. As a director, pay yourself minimum salary and let your ex have 15% of that. Afterwards, she’ll want to settle things outwith the CSA.

    Becareful, only pay for things via your company so you are not reimbursing yourself expenses. When you declare them, the CSA will say that they are earnings.

  2. There is no way out I’m afraid until your son is 18. End of. The CMF dont care how much you have to pay out for, they take from you regardless. The only way they will stop harassing you is if you ex tells them you are paying direct an agreed amount. Ex’s always want the shirt off your back so you like all of us on here are going to have to play the waiting game until your son is 18. Sorry

  3. Ok, Firstly you need to pay 15% if you are income no more no less by Bank transfer, DO NOT give cash.
    If you unemployed only pay £5 a week that from JSA.
    If you had another child you need to let them know because they have to take this as consideration to reducing you CSA payment. They make ask for a prove e.g Birth Citificate.
    CSA did not take any cut of the payment.

    Just pay what you supposed to pay. No more no less
    Ask them for statements

  4. I would imagine that your case comes under the 2012 Scheme. In such a case you either pay by Direct Pay which means you pay direct to your ex-partner without going through the CMS. If, however, you are paying Maintenance to the CMS, which in turn passes it to your ex-partner, charges will be incurred. If my memory serves me right, they will charge 20 per cent on top of your liability and your ex a further 4 per cent. This is somewhat unjust being in mind the organisation is a government body paid for with your tax money already. You are effectively being charged twice.

    The best way is A private family based agreement between yourself and your ex-partner if she can be persuaded to to this. You can agree any amount you wish between you and take the CMS completely out of the equation.

    I am able to draft a legally binding contract if you wish to speak with me about that. My email is [email protected]

    CSA Specialist

  5. 3 options are available, only 1 of the options they charge more and take a cut. That’s if your ex reports that you’ve not paid. If that happens I think your stuck with it for the foreseeable, I got told this when setting mine up to warn me to pay on time every month.
    I don’t like the company by the way. It makes it so I can’t barter to see my child. It’s been a while since I saw her.

  6. get a child arrangements court order and ask for full custody or shared care 50/50. This will reduce costs or stop completely. But they are appalling people and service at CSA.

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