I hate the CSA

December 19, 2010

My wife and i devorced 10 years ago in 2000.  At that time we had 2 children aged 9 and 7.  I have always paid maintenance through the CSA.  I have no issue about providing financial support for my children, but the CSA have made my life hell in the last 10 years.  In the last 10 years my 2 kids and moved several times between my ex wife and me as the parent with care.  However, the CSA have taken money from my wages even when i was the parent with care.

I have never recieved any maintenance despite several claims and being the authorised parent with care.  At one point they took £1100 from my wages in one month to pat my ex even when the kids lived with me, they admitted the mistake and decided to reduce any future payment that I may make.  In Nov 2009 my ex moved out of the area and so my daughter came back to live with me.  The CSA  where still taking money off me until April 2010, i havnt had any of this back.  I made a claim to the CSA in Nov 2009, i have been fobbed off by the CSA for over 12 months, 1st they told me that they had a back log of claims and it could take upto 6 months, ok.  So in June 2010, i chased again, only to be told that a claim can take 6 months to process, ok.  I chase again in Oct 2010, guess what, my claim is being processed and could take another 6 months, how rediculus?  Now my daughter, having left school, has decided that she doesnt want to live with me and wants to live with her half sister, another one of her mothers children.  This is against my will, but i have no choice..!

This person has now made a claim for maintenance through the CSA, the CSA where on my case within 2 DAYS, what ever happened to the 6 month back log? I do not want to pay maintenace to a person other that my kids parent.  I want my daughter either back with me or with her mother.  I am afraid that CSA will now again take money from ME not her mother to give to someone who doesnt have my permission to look after her.

HELP, HELP, plea!



  • Brokenfather says:

    Two things immediately spring to mind.

    1. The half sister cannot claim CM from anyone unless she has been legally appointed a guardian of your daughter.

    2. If your daughter has ceased full time education then no CM is liable.

  • Garry Roe says:

    Get in touch with I.C.E. asap , also write to Iain Ducan Smith c/o the DWP , Caxton house , Tothill street , LONDON , SW1H 9DA and demand a reply from him and tell him NOT to forward your complaint to the CSA because thats what he usually does .. going thru I.C.E. is a ball ache but please stick with it .http://www.ind-case-exam.org.uk/

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Don't just hate them join us in 2011 when we WILL bring this abhorrence down BIG TIME !!!!

  • Garry Roe says:

    Shall we go north or south Mr Pouge ? ? Mmmmmm now let me see ! lol 😉

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm let us just destroy EVERY single fucking office they have 🙂

  • Richard Murray says:

    If you go to Newcastle i'm in,,, i've got loads to say to them incompetent abusing Wankers

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Washington is a priority !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Instead of CSA… A compromise procedure by mediation and presentations of financial order might have been a start.. but they're (CSA & PWC) in it just for themselves…No chance of CSA ever improving as there is no compassion, just greed!!! Mediation.!!!!.. not a Reproduction Tax Collection Agency….. which was abhorrently named the Child Support Agency… as in no way have CSA provided support for the child, they'v took our money by force so we cannot finance our child…. they calculate owt they can get by illegal force hoping no one is clever enough to notice and send other amounts to PWC's who flash the cash during retail therapy with her little girly crew …. And the child goes without…. the Child is not guaranteed to benefit under the CSA… It abuses the NRP and Child of direct provision…. CSA is a support to the governmet purse stitching up Parents who want to be supportive to their children!!!!! but are forced to accept PAYE DEO's before reciept of wage….. It is a direct taxing scheme…. acting to provide propaganda to the public making the ignorant believe it is doing society the world of good when in actual fact, they are forcing society into poverty!!!!!l they force us to pay without the ability to meet a legal contract between PWC and NRP of provisions during shared care… that would be a better system for all, not being taxed for having a child who is with you part time or never!!!!these child abusing CSA employees need a redundancy program being operational now.. with immediate affect.. we need closure…. society is being blinded by political propaganda….. while causing society to head rushing into poverty!!!!

  • Kevin McGing says:

    Hi Brokenfather, thanks for your comments, but i can tell you from experience that you are wrong.

    The CSA can and ARE taking money from my wages.

    1. The half sister is not appointed the leagal guardian, but she has made claim for child allowance, and got it.

    2. The CSA follow child allowance, if child allowance is paid then the person in reciept can also claim CM, regardless of wether the child in question is in full time education or not.

    It appears that once again the CSA can do what ever they want and what is easiest. Place a deduction from earnings order and job done. No regard for the father who is working his ass off, just to see the robbing B******s CSA take my wages.

    I repeat, i hate the CSA, and feel like buring thier office down.

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    You guys ROCK !!! Get your big guns out ;0)

  • is696 says:

    This is a whole lot of sht. I feel sorry for you.

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