I had the kids from monday to friday but the CSA say I have to go to her directly for money

December 23, 2013

hi , i had my kids this week mon-fri , i pay £75 per week through DEO (volentarily set up by myself with the csa ) i had to travel 120 miles each way to collect them and take them back , my ex hasnt given me any money and the csa said i must go through her , what can i do about it ??


  • CSA warrior says:

    I am puzzled by the notion that your ex is to give you money???

    I will help as best I can. i am assuming that this is money for travel.

    If so then the you can as the CSA to take the cost of travel into account which may reduce the amount that you pay. This was correct under the old rules but dont know wether this has been amended.

    give it ago but apply the rule that you dont speak to the CSA on the phone but send a letter. you can then appeal the response at a tribunal if they say no

  • Adrian says:

    Call it a lesson learnt. The csa don’t care. Just as long as there books are up to date that’s all that matters.
    The csa merely help destroy family’s rather than bring the kids closer to there parents

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