I had an agreement with the mother – will I have to pay for those 13 years through the CSA too?

December 25, 2013

i have a 13 year old daughter who i have looked after since she was born, nearly every weekend and also some week days. i have made payments which were agreed between me and the mother since day one. i use to give her cash in hand but for the last 5 years have paid it into her bank. she has just stopped me seeing my daughter again as she has always done over the years and has threatened to contact the csa. i would like to know would i have to repay the past 13 years maintenace or would they take into account i have had a payment agrement with the mother?


  • Lisa says:

    Depends if your ex has been on benefits previous to 2000, the law stated that any single mother in receipt of benefits must contact the CSA and give the fathers details or they would forfeit money weekly, even though you have paid if she has opened a case and its lain dormant then yes there is a possibility that money would be owed, the nly way you would know is if your ex was honest and told you

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