I had a nervous breakdown because of Child Support Agency

May 3, 2012

Nearly 8 years ago my silly ex partner gave birth to my son. After a year of her dystroying me and me losing everything i had a nervous breakdown aged only 22 years old (still a child myself).

The last 7 years have been hell. Not only did i pay ex direct she then filled me with false promise. Everyweek i would take what little money i have to her to one day hopefully see my boy.

Then one day the door never opened and i never saw her again, Why because she took that money i gave her pissed off on holiday and laughed in my face. I pulled myself together got a good job and started over! the bang one day i see deductions for CSA on my wage slip for £243!!! I only earn £700 per month.

This went on for months and months and then my new partner fell pregnant! I called the CSA up and they told me to send birth records through and they would amend my case! So i followed the correct channels and bang they couldn`t do it due to amount owed! So i quit my job and went on the dole.

Now i have a letter that reads “PAY YOUR MAINTENANCE ARREARS NOW OR FACE LEGAL ACTION”, The most hurtful thing about this letter is my son dosn`t even share my surname!

I would pay over the hill to see my son, i would give anything for one minute with him, but until such time that it happens the CSA can royally kiss my arse! And as for legal action please make my day and bring it!

Sorry for the huge rant but the system sucks!


  • Carol says:

    The system is disgusting. Women/pwc really have what they want. Get the child, do runner, take ex’s money and in the meantime the nrp and their 2nd families are being left to live in poverty! Long and short of it that is the truth whether people really like to hear or not. 2nd families do not get further help with tax credits of the 40% deductions being taken from nrp’s salaries.

    On the other hand single parents/pwc get salary if they work or benefits, tax credits, family allowance, housing and council tax benefit!!

    Have the CSA assessed you correctly when you went on benefits? I previously told the CSA they were leaving my family no option but for my partner to give up work as he was bringing home less than what our yonugest’s son’s nursery fees are and was told the CSA would leave the assessments running, although they would know he is not working, as they would see it as he was evading paying maintenance! Joke, surely doing what is right for our family is the best thing and not what suits the CSA.

    Sorry rant over!

  • John says:

    The CSA are attempting to criminalise parents regarding an issue that is for parents to deal with! Not politicians, not incompetent civil servants and a flawed statutory system that is shambolic!

    I have no intention whatsoever of voting for ANY politician or councillor until this shambles is shut down in whatever form it may pose as, and refers matters back to the family courts or a mediation system.

    Politicians were put in that place to represent us. This shambles shows that not to be true! Parliament should be bulldozed and we should start again, with more independents instead of corrupt political parties, who back a system that impoverises both parents and children!

    Lets look at thre turnout later, my guess just over 20%. That’s what the public think of our politicians and councillors!

  • jay. says:

    You’re on benefits? Maximum they should be deducting is 5.00 a week and they can take 1.00 extra for arrears, at discretion. Don’t let these idiots intimidate you, you cannot give what you ain’t got. Put everything of worth in your partners name, this secures at least something for your family. Your new child should be included in any assessments, so keeping payments the same is crap. If you find csa are still harrassing you, then take all paperwork and see your local mp or cab asap.

    I was once a single parent, did I struggle, no….I never received maintenance and was better off then than now being married to an nrp who csa have decided to get involved saying he owes arrears from 15 years ago on a case he never knew existed, he gave the ex the home and all in it, plus money every week….his kids now 19-24yrs, money they want is going to secretary of state and not to the pwc, because she was claiming benefits, plus taking money from him. I’m sorry I have no sympathy for vindictive or greedy pwcs, because the genuine cases get dropped and good dads hounded until despair, even suicide.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Get a certificate from your GP then visit your MP.
    Tell them your story and ask what they are going to do?

  • John says:

    Here Here Jay! I was a hounded nrp before I involved my M.P. because of CSA staff incompetence. I firmly believe that issues of finance for children is for parents to resolve using mediation before any enforcement, and in any case the matter should be taken away from political quangos and their useless staff!

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